American McGee's Grimm FREE for 24 hours- First episode July 23rd

Joystiq is reporting an interesting bit of news regarding the upcoming PC title American McGee's Grimm. Mainly, it will be free for 24 hours. American McGee's Grimm is an episodic PC title from the creator of the stellar Alice and the not so stellar Bad Day L.A. It is a re-telling of famous and not-so famous fairytales, however, no more happy endings. The game will have players traveling to various bright and cheerful locations changing the "Happily Ever After" to and ending more to the likes of Edgar Allen Poe. The first episode, "A Boy Learns What Fear Is", will be released on GameTap July 23rd for download.

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meepmoopmeep3733d ago

Alice was an awesome game. Hope Grimm is awesome too.

ActionBastard3733d ago

Uber agree. Looking forward to this.

Skerj3733d ago

Oh sh*t I forgot about this, I wonder what happened to Oz.