We Are Doomed is PS4's Next Resogun | Hardcore Gamer

It's the PlayStation 4's next Resogun. It's that good.

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JoGam1457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

Just tell me where and when. Looks like Everyday Shooter.

WeAreLegion1456d ago

I think Alienation is the next Resogun. This looks fun though.

kayoss1456d ago

I think they should make a new Raiden game for next gen. I loved the Raiden series, one of the best side scroll shooters in my opinions.

HaveAsandwich1456d ago

raiden project was the first game I bought for my ps1. I remember it being some of the best explosions I had ever seen, in a game.

kayoss1456d ago

The first time i played Raiden was at the arcade. I got so good that i can beat the game with one quarter. I remember all the boss's patterns and know where to move on the screen to avoid fire power from the boss's