‘Anti-Gamergate’ and the paradox of ‘Cultural Populism’ editor Moltar writes "I am no fan of new historicism. I don’t like the idea that critics should be free to cherry-pick an arbitrary ‘cultural context’ with which to interpret and criticize art. I am not amused when calls for these projections of cultural context to be more clearly defined and justified are met with a circling of the proverbial wagons of relativism, subjectivity, and sentimentalism. I dislike that proponents of new historicism never put their necks on the line by actually defining what ‘culture’ means to them. And I especially loathe that these underhanded and often intellectually dishonest tactics are frequently used by critics to advance political agendas that are completely tangential to the artist’s originally intended expression. That being said, some dead guy once said, “Know your enemy.”"

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Anon19741425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

Can anyone make sense of this, out of curiosity? I've read it and re-read it and I'm at a complete loss as to what the point of this entire piece is.

What did #NotYourShield have to do with the "Gamers are dead" articles? The articles and personal blogs in question (yeah, I know eh. Personal blogs are part of the "conspiracy") in question were all completely different from each other, and the one about "gamers not being your demographic" was simply about changing demographics within gaming as opposed to the stereotyped view of what a "gamer" is, a point that's been brought up for years. Then he goes on to suggest that the game media is like George Bush and the use of WMD's? What?

And it resulted in a "Stalinist/McCarthyist purge" of the game industry? Again...what? Can anyone cast any light on this?

And what's with "post modern feminists" ban of GTAV? There was no ban, first off. Two retail outlets decided not to stock the product in Australia, which is historically luke-warm on violent games in general, after 3 victims of sexual violence started a petition regarding sexual violence in the game. While I think this move by Target and Kmart was purely a media ploy done for attention and don't condone it in any way...are survivors of sexual violence who speak out about depictions of sexual violence now automatically "feminists"? That seems like a CSI New York leap in logic.

And being critical of popular culture now makes you a "cultural bottom-feeder"?

Anyone else at all confused by this piece? It's all over the place (although making it a fitting analogy for Gamergate as a whole, in my personal opinion).

Wait! Maybe that's the point! :)

Godmars2901425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

Please do N4G and yourself a favor and remove this article which have neither understanding of nor interest in.

Its an attempt to present the thinking of the anti-GG side, which from the beginning, before GG got its name, has been about exclusion while preaching inclusion.

"You don't think like us, you don't belong here." That's what Stalinisim/McCarthyist means. its the exact thing the anti-GG side accuse others of. Game devs have been blackballed, efforts such as the Fine Young Capitalist's game jam were ruined and went unreported because too many in gaming journalism were either too brow beaten or doing the beating.

And this will be my only rely here. Your BS has gotten tired.

Anon19741425d ago

People are complaining about the lack of pro Gamergate articles. Here's a pro Gamergate piece from a link a GG supporter forwarded me as an example of articles we should be submitting.

I'm fully aware of what Stalinisim/McCarthyist refers to. What I don't understand is this industry "purge" that supposedly happened. What the hell is he talking about? Who's been kicked out of the game industry exactly?

It's up to the community to approve, ignore or reject pro GG news and opinion.

I don't write em.