Why Coming Out On Top Isn't Allowed on Steam

Marcus Estrada writes: "The successfully Kickstarter-funded Coming Out On Top finally arrived and has already proven a hit with players! Even many who were not previously interested in visual novels and dating sims have suddenly found themselves as genre fans thanks to Obscurasoft’s standout title. Recently the game has also made the rounds between many popular gaming websites - introducing it to an even larger audience who didn’t Kickstart the project. Because of this, many folks have lamented the fact that it currently isn’t on Steam Greenlight. Others have brought recent, highly controversial, games which are allowed on Greenlight into the discussion as well."

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hazelamy1454d ago

they let a nihilistic cold blooded murder simulator on there, but a dating game that features sex?

a game where you go around murdering innocents for no reason, fine.
a bit of sex or nudity?

big no no.

why does The Witcher get a pass then?

too many potential sales to lose if they banned that one i guess.
but indie games, nowhere near as much money, so tough luck for them.

what was that other game that got removed?

seduce me i think it was called.

i'll never understand the american "violence is ok, sex is bad" attitude.

Bimkoblerutso1454d ago

Hatred was removed from Steam as well.

raWfodog1454d ago

But it was reinstated a couple of days later.

SpiralTear1454d ago

"nihilistic cold blooded murder simulator"

I'm surprised too. Didn't think they'd release that Black Mesa on Steam Greenlight. Ah well. Glad they did. It's a fun game! Recommended!

001454d ago

I thinks its because the game is actual porn, and not like that Japanese porn that's allowed on steam.

mhunterjr1454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

But why is porn unacceptable, when compared to a game like hatred.

Consensual Sex is a part of normal human interaction. Killing sprees are not. I would think. that those who cried 'censorship' when Hatred was rejected would feel the same way about this...

Talgrath1454d ago

The Witcher does have some nudity, but it doesn't show the genitals, which is what will get you moved into "porn" territory in the US. Ultimately, this all comes down to money, anything considered to be pornography in most countries requires more stringent regulation than the sale of violent content; it costs more money to properly follow regulations on porn. Laws and societal norms need to change first, then you'll see more games/movies/TV shows/etc. about sex and sexuality that aren't necessarily porn.

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ziggurcat1454d ago

talk about your double standard...

murder simulator made by a bunch of neo-nazi fascists? A-OK!

a game that happens to have sex in it? NNNNNNNOPE!

Somebody1454d ago

I wouldn't call it double standard as of yet. The article is just saying that the game might have a hard time getting into Steam or any other distributors out there.

It isn't fair to call out on Steam when it's pretty much a standard practice in the media industry around the world. We see violent content readily accessible in every media available but pornographic material is a big no in a lot of countries. On Steam we have Postal but nowhere do we see Rapelay.

hazelamy1453d ago

there was that game Seduce Me that got pulled from steam for sexual content, and i'd bet money that that wasn't the first.