The Worst Of 2014: Broken Games, Broken Promises & Rambo

Pixel Gate UK writes:

''While 2014 has been a pretty solid year for video games, it’s also had it’s share of disappointments. Be it games that didn’t live up to the hype, games that didn’t work or even games that were barely finished, 2014 produced a few groans. The following is a list of games that fed into the worst parts of 2014, be it the quality of the game or a questionable business practice. From broken games to £30 demos, these are the worst of 2014.''

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moomoo3191454d ago

Destiny and AC Unity are probably the worst. The degree to which Unity is broken is simply inexcusable, and after all the hype the most complex game-play mechanic in Destiny is pressing the right trigger.

Spotie1454d ago

Just curious, but what were people expecting in Destiny?

martinezjesus19931454d ago

An rpg game like Mass Effect, a story as good as tlou, worlds as detailed as skyrim, and each planet to have as many things to do as fallout 3, each. People were expecting something Bungie never said it would be. Thats why all the haters are so ridiculous.

moomoo3191453d ago

Solely based on Activision's marketing, I was expecting an entire solar system's worth of planets to explore, large open-world regions, player trading and an in-game economy, a deep story and universe with tons of lore, and legitimate MMO qualities and gameplay experiences that are not just grinding.

CorndogBurglar1454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

Well, as far as gameplay mechanics go, that is actually the one thing that most people agree that Destiny got right.

The gameplay mechanics are actually very good, and you'll be hard pressed to find another FPS that is as perfectly polished and balanced as Destiny.

So please enlighten me, what other FPS games offer better, "complex" gameplay mechanics.

Before you answer that, keep in mind that "gameplay mechanics" are how the game is played. What buttons do what, etc. If you have issues with other aspects, such as lack of mission variety as an example, then that is something else entirely.

The gameplay mechanics in Destiny are its biggest strength and are pretty much the whole reason people are still playing it. They make the game insanely fun, even after all the other flaws it might have.

moomoo3191453d ago

The gameplay mechanics are very strong, yes, but still very simple. I would liken it to COD's gameplay mechanics being some of the best in the fps genre, but the way they are implemented is very simple and very straightforward. Compare it to a game like shadow of mordor, where the amount of gameplay mechanics and experiences combing is almost overwhelming at first, but is ultimately more satisfying.

showtimefolks1454d ago

Destiny ok it's still a average game that you have to grind in to get some good loot, it was such an over promising game but delivered so much less. When announced it was thought to be like borderlands,mass affect and halo. Yet all we got is halo with agility and a very very short single player story which is so pathetic and poorly done it's frustrating. But it sold well just like watch dogs because of over hype from gaming media and a huge advertisement budget

AC:Unity. I don't know why people were surprised, every year AC games have gone down in quality. Even thought AC4 was very good but it was only because of the sea battles and stuff yet the story was still weak and so was combat. Unity just took it to another level. I don't know why EA gets so much hate when UBI is the one doing the real damage now a days.

Watch dogs over promised
The crew average
Unity completely broken
FC4 just a complete carbon copy of FC3 with little improvements

Stick to smaller games UBI, because your AAA catalog is really suffering. UBI the new kings of over promising and under delivering. Yet at every E3 they are treated like the best publishers

And on topic of broken games, who here has forgotten about battlefield 4. I mean that game was broken for like 6 plus months


Games will be launched incomplete
Early adapters will act as game testers while paying full price
There will be patches later
Some will improve while others will make the games worst
Oh but don't worry spend another $29.99-$39.99 for season pass

Trust us on the season pass it's not like we delivered a broken game with empty promises


Fanboys actually defending such games and saying well I didn't have any issue. Fact of the matter is publishers and developers know that these blind fanboys will defend us and support us so let's just keep doing the same thing

Stand together as a community and they won't be able to screw us like they do now but separated they will keep doing whatever they want

Muzikguy1454d ago

I'm hoping gamers get fed up with those practices too. I don't buy season passes for anything. I rarely (never have actually) buy DLC, besides Rocksmith songs. I'm also not preordering anything this gen and the last few games I've bought were months after release. I don't like these sleazy practices that are becoming the norm

showtimefolks1454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

Please be smart gamers and support each other no matter which console or game you support. If a developer or publish is screwing us that means they are screwing us all. Let's please put this nonsense fanboy stuff beside us and discuss these issues with developers as a mature community

Please! I been a gamer for more than 25 years and this whole fanboys stuff is really starting to divide us all. And publishers see that so they will target us

Here are few things to think when a new game comes out

Developer and their track record
Don't just go on media reviews, sites get advertisement from publishers
Wait at least 2 weeks after launch if the game isn't made by some of the best

Mortal kombat devs
CD red project
BIoware(they kind of made it back after dragon age)

COD will be decent every year
Madden and nba will be same yearly improvements

Be a smart gamer
Wait a little find out the truth from actual gamers playing the game

And if the game is broken or incomplete plesse support each other and not defend these multi billion dollar publishers, we should hold them accountable for what they promise. Otherwise don't cry when majority of the games launch and need patches and on top of that to get the complete experiment you must MUST buy the season pass


People who will buy destiny GOTY in fall 2015 will get the complete game with all the content for $60. Yet early adapters have to shell out another $40-60 to get the complete experience

PiNkFaIrYbOi1454d ago

The title for this article is very amusing.

Summons751454d ago

Destiny, Halo, The Evil Within? Seriously think this guy hasn't played many games this year if this is all he could come up with. Destiny the biggest selling new ip, Halo getting 10s across the board, The Evil Within being a very well received game, and MGS Ground Zeroes being a great look and taste of MGSV while we wait god knows how long and get a bunch of stuff people who skipped the game don't get in TPP?. What about Call of Duty: Advance Warfare being absolutely broken for a month after launch, or the terrible train wreck of a launch that was Drive Club?

CorndogBurglar1454d ago

I find it funny that you bring up the terrible launch for COD and Drive Club, yet defend Halo like it didn't have a terrible launch.

Summons751454d ago

Only the online. Playing Halos 1-4 seamlessly and the Anniversary of Halo 2 worked beautifully and were amazing.

PixelGateUk1454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

Hey Mr. Angry pants lets talk your comment through:

1) Sales figures are irrelevant to the post. If you bothered you angry eyes to read you'd see that's already a point covered.

2) 'The Evil Within is very well received' well so was Unity in parts, and again READ THE POST.

3) You're defending demos that cost £30, people like you are genuinely going to spawn more greedy moves from publishers.

4) CoD was not broken? the Xbox one version worked fine, and that's the version i played, i did not hear any major complaints about other versions.

5) I did not play Driveclub, i went for The Club instead. I can't spare the time to play every game under the sun.

6) Defending Halo? it barely worked. Are you that blind by brand loyalty you're willing to buy broken products and be happy about it?

Really though, please just read the post. Don't just look at the pictures and unload in the comments section.

Summons751454d ago

Only the online of Halo had a hard time working but you have 4 games worth of content and a super revamped anniversary of Halo 2 and DID WORK. The online was only buggy for a short time than it worked fine for a majority of people.

Unity got bad reception on top of the glitches. TEW wasn't broken and got great reception.

Calling MGSGZ a demo shows how much you honestly know because it was way more than a demo. Is it cut off of the main game of MGSV? Sure, but the ton of extra content made it well worth the price and gets you content you can't get otherwise in TPP. Note I was in the paid demo boat until I played the game.

Driveclub was still a mess if you had played it or not, even now it still barely works and is still lacking a lot of promised content including the PS+ edition.

COD WAS broken with servers problems and connection issues for a good month in a half.

There is also Titanfall which promised a ton of content and released with very little on release, it was broken and nothing more than a cod clone in the end.

ImmortalCarrot1454d ago

@Summons75 I feel sorry that u're ok with all the mediocre releases. U can't say "Only the online of Halo had a hard time working" and be fine with it. We should push publishers to give us finished and properly working games, instead of waiting for patches after patches after patches.

Don't support companies that are giving us unfinished goods, cause the only ones that are losing are the gamers. The companies already received their money and started on another project. VOTE WITH YOUR WALLET! let's not let them have the winning stance.

Support games that really make a difference in the gaming industry. Examply : GTAV, Witcher, The Last Of Us, and some other games that are released which are playable without patching.

twiggytree121454d ago

"Only the online. Playing Halos 1-4 seamlessly and the Anniversary of Halo 2 worked beautifully and were amazing." Umm... Driveclubs Single Player worked just fine as well, it only had online issues just like Halo MCC. Get your facts straight.

Nerdmaster1454d ago

I was expecting more from The Evil Within.

At least with the latest patch, the PC version doesn't crash anymore.

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