Target's PS Vita Display Has Become Depressing

At Target, PS Vita's situation has gone from bad to pathetic.

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PoSTedUP1451d ago

almost every gametop i go to the vita display is hidden, either in the corner of the room or behind a wall in the corner of the room.

zeal0us1451d ago

Quite the opposite for me. Almost every gamestop I went to got rid of their vita display and only have an XB1 or PS4 display.

Looking back at the PSP, there was a lot of heavy weights driving it sales. The MH series sold 10m units, GoW series 4m units, GTA series 3m units and GT sold 4m units. The PSV lacks these titles plus its up against tablets and cellphone which are in more demand today than during the PSP era.

xHeavYx1451d ago

I get so many games from PS+ that I don't need to buy VITA games. Been enjoying NFS lately.

nix1450d ago


true. most of my games have been free. plus. i've realised more people buy the games directly from PSN.

Joey_Leone1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

That's whats destroying the Vita, it's the lack of exclusive titles that SOLD the PSP, there's no balance with the Vita, there's way more Japanese titles and Indie games than western titles. Also, i find some of the Japanese titles to be quite disturbing, it seems like something pedophiles would enjoy, maybe i just don't understand their culture idk.

Lockon1451d ago

Yeah at toys r us as well.

sashimi1451d ago

Well toys r us is going bankrupt so...ya lol

rainslacker1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

GameStop's are always regional in what they display. I know when the Vita first came out, it's display was stuck in a corner, behind a demo cabinet so was hard to see what was in there.

Anyhow, now it's not really hidden and is right across from the counter and takes up a whole section of an aisle display, and while visible, and in a good location IMO, wouldn't call it particularly visible.

Target in general has a pretty crappy display for all games though.

Anon19741450d ago

I've had a Vita since nearly the start and to date I've only bought one physical game, which was Rayman, and which my kids lost. Every single other game I've enjoyed on my Vita, and there have been a few, I purchased digitally or received through PSN+.

I already put in about an hour with my Vita this morning playing Spelunky while my daughter watched Dora before everyone else even woke up. :)

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ValKilmer1451d ago

This honestly just makes me sad. The Vita is my go-to console for any time I can't be at my TV (and heck, even some times when I can). There's so much magic on this console and it was never even given a chance.

Oldman1001450d ago

The Vita is an excellent handheld console. It just needs more informative advertising.

Gardenia1450d ago

Most buy their games digital from the store

Clown_Syndr0me1451d ago

All my local supermarkets (I'm in UK) stopped stocking Vita stuff a while ago.

Protagonist1451d ago

Did the Vita kick your Dog?

morganfell1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

That's odd, because at PSX it was hello again Vita.

As regards the article, typical hardcoregamer tripe. Proof that smaller worthless websites can be as equally hit hungry as larger worthless ones.

Kal-V31451d ago

Grim Fandango, Banner Saga and RE:Rev 2 for me. ;P

Oldman1001450d ago

Eyy now, don't be ignorant like that. I don't care if you're trolling or not. No matter how bad you think a certain console is they all have their own merits. And we should all appreciate what they are trying to provide to us gamers. You don't appreciate what a certain company is doing? Give them constructive feedback! We're all in this together.

Protagonist1451d ago

No Targets near me, but my local Gamestops are pretty decent with PS Vita games.

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