PS3: Old is Gold

PYB: Old is gold..and the PS3 is pure gold at least for now!

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joyride911451d ago

PS3 is still worth owning just because of the enormous back catalog and free PSN! PS4 would probably be the main console to own once Sony phases the PS3 out. I think the PS3 still has another good year or more before it actually kicks the bucket.

Abash1450d ago

The PS3 just needs a price cut to extend it's life even further. Hell Id buy a new one for backup if the pricetag was below $180 with a decent amount of hard-drive space

Psygnosis3331450d ago

I want Sony to relise 4th version of PS3 - ultra slim and cheeper.. PSone size would be cool. :)

1450d ago
Relientk771451d ago

Of course PS3 is still awesome. I just beat Shadow of Mordor on PS4 yesterday and today I'm playing PS3, so I play both.

spacedelete1450d ago

personally PS3 is redundunt to me as its best games are remastered now or are planning to get remastered. i don't want two consoles taking up my space so i sold the PS3 months ago.

Pogmathoin1450d ago

Spacedelete is somewhat right, you keep playing old gen less and less as more come out for current, even with best intentions you play it much less..... since GTA5 came out on X1, I have hardly booted up 360, PS3 maybe gets a lil more time as it does have a bigger backlog, but finding time is hard. Mainly just to get the free monthly XBL and PSN freebies....

Der_Kommandant1450d ago

I love my PS4 but i still play a lot with my PS3, like currently i'm playing Suikoden 2 a PS1 game on my PS3.

saposaposapo1450d ago

It's a better secundary console than wiiU. PS4+PS3 all the way.

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