Greek Grooves – Funk of Titans Launch Trailer Revealed

Throw everything you know about Greek mythology by the wayside, gamers, because there is a new legend coming to town.

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Relientk771394d ago

"I needed a hero, so I quickly made one." wow lol

Interesting 2D Platformer, looks fun

Lenrulesdaworld1394d ago

historians, racist and fantasy buffs won't like this lmao. funny must try game nonethrless.

Kingdomcome2471394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

Awesome. I could always use more platformers in my life. Did anyone see a release date? I want to download this as soon as it launches. Edit: I found the release date. January 9'th.

WhyHate1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

This is probably closest depiction of ancient Greek life as we are ever going to get. Which is sad. Not to mention western historians and their seemingly never ending quest to white wash world history. I'm even surprised N4g let the story be posted. Will probably be getting this game btw... It actually looks good!

dalte891394d ago seems awfully quiet in here...strange...
Is it because its an indie title on Xbox One?

Every time there is an indie for PS4 (which we have many MANY awesome ones) you guys come to shit on us.
Now that XBO has one, and a pretty bland one at that, no one
wants to say anythinnnnnng? Well? You guys finally got your 1 indie title, come and nag at your system's lack of indie goodness. This title looks embarassingly dry...smh

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