Gamzsone V3's Impression's of Firmware 2.40

Gamzsone V3: "Well, its here at last. Firmware 2.40 is here at long last for the PlayStation 3 and it is the biggest Firmware to date, adding In-Game XMB as well as Trophys plus a couple more new feature.

But is this where the PS3 starts build-up to a big journey within the next couple of weeks and ends at E3 a week and a half from now? Lets find out."

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PoSTedUP3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

since the update you can eject the disc wile the game is running with out it freezing. it will take you back to the xmb instead of freezing the whole screen, its awesome. try it out. cause every time i hit the eject button by accident wile the game was still playing, the screen would always freeze. not no more though. its a really good feature i think. cause i would normally have to go back to the xmb manually to switch a game, now i juts eject it and it pop another one in. its more efficient.

ThatArtGuy3736d ago

How in the blazes to you "accidentally" hit the eject button in the middle of a game?

peksi3736d ago

Same thing came to my mind aswell, you must be very busy playing and touching the console simultaneously.

Kinda made me smile :)

Jack Meahoffer3736d ago

Sometimes the disc accessing sound pecks my puppy's interest. Because of the touch sensitive eject button her nose activates it when she sniffs.


yoghurt3737d ago

Since when did website start reviewing/doing opinions on firmware updates anyway, why do we need to see thier opinion its not like a game where it helps us make a decision, weird.

PoSTedUP3737d ago

lol, every body criticizes sonys console nowa days. their like F-ing roaches. they should just give it a rest, sonys not going to fail if thats what their waiting for.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

I said the same thing about the IGN article, so what happens if they don't like it? My guess is that they're trying to find something wrong with the system so users can say the same thing. What's really funny is that when Microsoft first introduced the achievement system nothing like this happened. Everyone loved it from day one but as soon Sony comes up with their version because of demand, it's seen as a negative thing.

A good example would be the backwards compatibility of the PlayStation 3 with PlayStation 2 games. The XBOX 360's backwards compatibility sucks compared to Sony's yet Sonys the one who gets bashed over the 40GB / 80GB models since the discontinuation of the 60GB model. It's still better than the XBOX 360's but it's still seen as a bad thing to do.

wolfehound223737d ago

This was a great update the only problem I believe there is. Is I wish they had more games that had there patches ready to go when this was released. I know they are coming, but in away it was kind of anti climatic since we can't use this in many games. All in all great update very happy with it.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

Jonathan Cullen

"However, the bare lack of games who have trophesy is incredibly poor, just one game and while there are patches coming, there should have been a couple of disc based games which should have had trophys from day one."

To be honest it's still day one that the trophy system is implemented for god sake. People need to have patience, it's 19(hrs.):03(min.) since the release of the system, what do people expect?

It's like saying the new disc format is out and there are only a handful of Blu-ray movies. Yes of course there are only a handful because it's the first day it was released. Look at the Blu-ray collection now, in the end people need patience. I'm guessing this person is under 18 so the logic of the choices will slid this time around, lol. It's like saying DVDs should have had a Blu-ray version from the first time they were released. You can't release something if it isn't there.

SL1M DADDY3736d ago

Wow, it must be a slow day for journalism... Wonder why we didn't see them review 2.36 or any of the other updates of recent months... lol

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