Happy Holidays From Bungie

Bungie:"It’s been a crazy year at Bungie. Not only did we launch a new game, but we saw a brand new community rally around it. We’ve had an amazing time welcoming you to the Tower, and fighting alongside you in public events. Even better, we got to meet some of you in real life – at E3, gamescom, or even the very first PlayStation Experience."

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Relientk771337d ago

Omg the Cryptarch picture with the article lol

pelida1337d ago (Edited 1337d ago )

Jonah Hill Saluting Playstation Nation

JediHunter661337d ago

Merry Christmas, now spend your holidays in a never ending loot grind! Yay! And give us 20 bucks for mediocre DLC content!

TM3331337d ago

OK, will do, happily and with a black toothed grin on my face:}