Here’s what a few Battlefield 4 maps look like at night

If you wanted to see what some Battlefield 4 maps would look like if they were full-on night maps, this is your chance.

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swishersweets200311369d ago

i want new maps, not skin overs of the same ol map at night.

Zenith4k1368d ago

Did you even watch the video or did you just jump to your own conclusion? These guys adjusted the pc version to night maps to see how it would potentially look, it's not perfect to dark for my liking but can see the benifit a of it and an extra dimension of playing looks fun. Maybe watch the video next time before you write🙈

swishersweets200311368d ago

Zenith, yes i've seen the video. Again. I WANT NEW MAPS NOT THE SAME SHIT JUST AT NIGHT. thank you.

famoussasjohn1368d ago are getting more maps as they already announced and are having a community vote. This is just more support for the game and including night mode for the maps.

Zenith4k1368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )


memots1368d ago

I wish they would make more night map. Death Valley was one of my favorite in bf3.

bmf73641368d ago

Not really what it would be like. The server has a plugin that's disabling the lighting. you can still see the sun in the sky but all lighting is disabled. If DICE LA is really programming night maps, they would end up somewhere like Death Valley in BF3 where you could still kind-of see in the dark.

ATi_Elite1368d ago

And here is what it looks like when I don't buy it or play it.

I'm gonna go for Rainbow Six Siege instead of Battlefield Patch line.

SouthClaw1368d ago

With how high tech they make Frostbite sound they should be able to make one map which can change due to the time. So not needing two separate maps made for night and day.

I would rather that then making maps just in night.