Final Fantasy XV Details On The Battle System, Exploration, And The Demo

While we got plenty of new details on Final Fantasy XV from Square Enix’s Jump Festa 2015 presentation, this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine provides us with even more on the game’s town, battle system, and more

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averagejoe261424d ago

Welp, this article gets some of the basic information wrong. Not sure how things like this get written and approved.

Qrphe1424d ago (Edited 1424d ago )

I swear this article had been posted at least three times already.

elninels1424d ago

Even saying at least three under sells how many times this kind of article has been goes to show the hype for this game is so very, very, real.

sssb1424d ago

This XV will bring FF to place should be... in TOP.
cant't for demo and Full version.

DoggyBiscuit1424d ago

I haven't played FF since part 10 but I am looking forward to this one