Has Game Writing Finally Comes of Age?

When the Writers Guild of America -- the union representing U.S. film and television writers -- announced it would introduce a new "Best Videogame Writing" category to its 2008 Awards, it felt like a move long overdue.

After all, game writing has evolved since the days of Wolfenstein and Tetris. The industry have moved past the point where storytelling in games was about as sophisticated as the writing in porn -- plot as excuse for the action. These days, games offer rich settings, complex characters, and intricate narratives. Surely the WGA's award meant the mainstream writing community finally saw games as a new medium, a form of modern literature just like film or television.

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Andronix3699d ago

Excellent news.
a lot of thought and time is put into creating stories that bring game worlds to life. Look at Bioshock, GTA IV and more
This is a big step that gives game writers the respect they deserve.