Last Remaining Words With Friends Player Still Sending Game Invites

Video Games Made Me Do It: "Dan Quinn, 27, of Milwaukie, Oregon is still enthusiastically and unrelentingly sending Words With Friends game invites via Facebook, according to those on his friends list. Despite the fact that not a single other person has opened the app in three years, Quinn consistently challenges his family and friends — and sometimes even strangers — to games in the Scrabble clone." *Satire*

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uth111161d ago


seriously though, I've been playing more since the released the new app. Much better than the old one.

SpiralTear1161d ago

Anyone remember Draw Something?

DarXyde1161d ago

A friend and I were on point with that. We got to over 300 turns!

It's pretty much a sign we're either soul mates or we're the same person.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx1160d ago

Multiple Personalities and two phones :p

Voozi1160d ago

I sure do! Used to work at OMGPOP/Zynga :D

DarXyde1160d ago


Hahaha, I hope not!