Battlefield Hardline - Karma Gameplay Trailer

New karma gameplay trailer released for Battlefield Hardline showcasing SWAT raids, new gadgets, new strategies, high speed car chases with muscle cars and much more.

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JoeMcCallister1393d ago

Looks like the delay was a right call, looking a bit more fleshed out thank god. Still not a preorder/day one for me though, maybe the next beta will motivate me.

aCasualGamer1393d ago

This game doesn't appeal to me at all. Seems to target the 14 year olds that are busy with COD in terms of style and storytelling.

Utalkin2me1393d ago

Seems you know nothing about the game then if you think it targets 14 year olds. Seems the game is targeted to a wide audience such as COD is.

aCasualGamer1393d ago

It seems you know nothing about storytelling, if you think this garbage quality is aimed at anything other than teens.

scark921393d ago

So it appeals to aHardcoreGamer? *Ba Dum Tsk*

BX811393d ago

It seems you know nothing ;)

JoeMcCallister1392d ago

I liked how they intro'd at the Game Awards as "this season on Hardline" gives me a cop show feeling, hopefully they expand on that and write a decent story. I can't blame you for getting that vibe though.

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Neixus1393d ago

While i prefer military battlefield, it does look cool, for a spinoff.

ghostface91393d ago

Looks good enough to where I want to play it but not good enough to where I want to play it. Thankfully there is EA access

EazyC1393d ago

Hope this is good. I'm still mulling over whether to wait for this or just pick up Battlefield 4 premium edition now it's that bit cheaper. I loved BC 2 and thought BF 3 was okay. Any input guys?

Rocky51393d ago

I would grab BF4 Phil before it jumps backup in price, you cannot go wrong with some BF action. (Now that's it's all fixed up)

jjank111393d ago

RIGHT ON....BC2!! Love that game, campaign was even fun.

BF3 was probably next most played game just b/c I got into BF2 a bit too late. BF4 is/was way off, having trouble getting into it since launch.

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