Why Nintendo's Next Console Needs A Great Controller

DAVE SMITH:"I purchased a Wii U late last month mainly so I could play it with my brother. We both grew up playing Nintendo games, and I wanted to be able to play the latest "Super Smash Bros." with him when he came home this past weekend."

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BenqMagician1453d ago

look I had a wii u for a year the only problem is the controller(tablet like controller and it's too big for kids hands). The pro controller too me should have been its standard controller for the wii u.

mixelon1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

How is it too big for kids' hands? My 6 year old daughter somehow manages, she rests it in her lap and prefers it to using the wii remotes.

(Pre-emptively, she has normal sized hands, lol)

BenqMagician1453d ago

Honestly I want a controller for my console not a tablet for my console.

mikeslemonade1453d ago

The nintendo apologists will say it's one of the better controllers and it really isn't. Overall the controller feels cheap, L1/R1 are hard to reach, face buttons are too flimsy. When I plugged the WiiU pro controllers I was able to pull off the moves I wanted in Bayonetta. And WiiU pro controller is nowhere near the quality of the 360 or X1 controller.

EliteGameKnight1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )


I see you throw that around a lot. "Nintendo Apologists." Fundalmentaly I feel that it is rather flawed to assume that anyone who shares a differing view of something is just denying the truth. Truth has nothing to do with it really.

You, as well as benqmagician, have the opinion that the Wii u gamepad is rather poor. I disagree, I greatly enjoy it, but that's the thing. Neither of us are correct in our views. Such things are purely opinion. There is no point in petty name calling over it

mixelon1452d ago

I never said its one of the better controllers. It's functional and perfectly ok though.

I'm pretty sure my 6 year old isn't a nintendo apologist. :)

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Macdaddy711453d ago

If it's not to big for a 6 yr old kid then your kid has NBA player size hands!!! Cause it's way to big for my 6 yr old grandson....
If nintendo don't replace the gamepad for a controller the next system will be nintendo last, cause 100% of grandma, moms, dad, uncles, n all bought the wii because of the controls,...n 80% of them did not buy the wii u cause of the gamepad, they did not buy the Wii cause of the power of the system, they bought cause it was fun to play as a family,...nintendo hit on something big with the Wii then they went away from what worked....Microsoft hint hint....

ricochetmg1453d ago

The controller is actually three beat if the three. This is coming form a Sony loyalist.

Concertoine1453d ago

I think it should just be a natural evolution of the pro controller. That thing has vastly superior battery life than any other controller and its only real flaw is the lack of a headphone jack and digital triggers.

They just need to pick a design and more or less stick with it like Sony and MS.

EliteGameKnight1453d ago

The pro controller really is a great controller, extremely comfortable, good weight, and as you said good battery life, but I feel that it may long hold that stigma of seemingly being a 360 clone, as was often said among unboxings and such.

I would personally prefer to see the GameCube controller to continue as the focus. Those battle pads that are being made are a nice step in the right direction in my humble opinion, but it can certainly use even more work, as with any controller

Ristul1452d ago

I agree, the Gamecube controller was awesome!

Iamnemesis48801453d ago

Nintendo needs to get a console out that is on par with the X1 PS4 simple

SpiralTear1453d ago

I like the Gamepad, but I would have no problem with something more traditional. I think having all the controller options on Wii U is great: Pro, Gamepad, Wii Remote, Wii Remote with Nunchuk, Wii Remote with Classic Controller, Gamecube controller for Smash...I think options are the way to go.

kratoz12091453d ago

Always disliked the controllers on all the Nintendo products.
Especially the N64

sweendog1453d ago

The N46 gave us analogue sticks and rumble (with a rumble pack) that controller blew me away when I first saw it

crashbash1452d ago

The gamecube controller is one of the best ever made.

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