Last minute gift ideas for the PC gamer

GameZone: "Even though you have to sit through their constant lectures about the PC Master Race and their diety Lord Gaben, you forgive them because after all, we're all gamers. And even though they're simply fighting for a different, more technical team, in the end it's all about great gaming. So if you're scratching your head regarding what to get your PC savvy someone, look no further, we got some great suggestions that won't equal the cost of a new graphics card, we promise."

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Hellsvacancy1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

A Playstation 4? :D

I'm joking, have a nice Xmas

scark921186d ago

Though it is honestly not a bad gift.. :D

scark921185d ago

Not a bad gift in general.. -_-'

A Playstation 4 is not a bad gift for a gamer, my point being...

TXIDarkAvenger1186d ago

Yeah pretty much gift cards are the best thing.

1185d ago
ninjahunter1185d ago

A marble sculpture of gaben, for worship purposes.

s45gr321185d ago

Here's my personal suggestion in regards to PC gamers:

Steam gift cards,can't go wrong with that.

Amazon gift cards, can't go wrong with that.

A 50" monitor or Smart TV for those PC gamers that prefer to love playing their PC on the couch.

As for games well that's up to each pc gamer.

For example console gamer that enjoys playing on the PC:

Enemy Mind
Freedom Planet
Among the Sleep

For the strategist

Endless Legend

Just my suggestion