PS3 Aquanaut's Holiday: Info, Video & Scan

Originally named "AQUA", Artdink has released information on their new PS3 game, now renamed "Aquanaut's Holiday".

Although the concept is based on Artdink's PS1 game of the same name, the game is not just a graphical upgrade remake.

Aquanaut's Holiday is listed as an Adventure game, where the main character goes after a missing oceanographer with the records that the oceanographer left behind.

Player will use their mini-submarine "Dolphin 2", which has a built in AI interface, to explorer the sea adding creatures to the creatures library and solve various puzzles.

Although the game is focused more on story and puzzle solving, you can stray off and wonder around the sea finding creatures to add to your library, or watch their habitats.

Aquanaut's Holiday is being published by Sony Computer Entertainment, scheduled release date is 9/25 for 5,980 yen in Japan.

Story URL links to a video of the working title "Aqua", with google translated descriptions of the game from Japanese, and a magazine scan from the latest Famitsu Magazine.

Credits URL links to the original Chinese forum with all the above information.

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BlackIceJoe3730d ago

I hope so too. I also would like Sony to bring out Afrika to the US also.

Dir_en_grey3730d ago

Did anybody play the original game on PS1?
Even if the game was just based on that, I am wondering how good the PS1 game is, at the time of it's release that is.

chasuk083730d ago

Looks alright, its like Afrika but underwater, hope it comes to uk or ill be importing it. Thats if its any good.

PSTAVY3730d ago

you beat me to the post i was gonna say the same thing its underwater version of AFriKA

Dir_en_grey3730d ago

after reading the description, this game seems to be focused more on story and puzzle solving...