Metacritic - The Best Videogames of 2014

"Super Smash Bros. for Wii U is the best game of 2014.
It appears that gaming's transition year has turned into transition years. The first full calendar year for next-generation consoles PS4 and Xbox One failed to spur the release of more than a handful of great games—and most of those high-scoring releases were merely re-releases of older titles for the new platforms."

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DarkAstronaut1457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

I think the PS4 has no games propaganda just got blown to bits. They have the same average rating but the PS4 has 48 more games and more games 90 or higher than the Xbox One.

Wii U did well on exclusives, but that's common knowledge at this point.

madmonkey011457d ago

we will probably still be reading about it next year, despite the line up that is announced.

Balsanoid1457d ago

I agree. For a system that doesn't have any games, I sure am having a hard time catching up with my PS4 backlog.

Chuk51457d ago

People who say that obviously are being intellectual dishonest and only looking for enough ammo to make the claim PS4 has no games.

In regards to Smash Bros, I will say that without doubt that is 2014s best game. MY GOTY without hesitation.

u4one1457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

i think its a matter of perspective. I have a ps4 and I have games on it, but theres not really much that I personally have been dying to play. Some of those great games I played last gen (TLOU, GTA, Tomb Raider etc) so I don't think its fair to count them completely. Infamous was good but not go nuts amazing. DriveClub... meh. Decent but not amazing. Ton's of indies which are fine but not really my thing most of the time. The rest of the high scoring games are multiplatform so its not like the PS4 really gets a bonus here as those scores carry across the other platforms. I think the PS4 has games that some people want to play but not a lot for everyone. Likewise, you could probably say the same for X1. Though for me personally I've enjoyed the X1 a bit more. SSO, F5 and FH2 really saved it for me, personally.

MeliMel1457d ago

Lol...because your making a big deal about PS4 having more games 90 or higher than Xbox. Yet when I looked at list I laughed because they are either remaster from a gen ago or multiplatform.

DarkAstronaut1457d ago

Games are games. For example, in 2015 I'm super excited for Fat Princess Adventures more than MLB 15 The Show. And I'll enjoy it just as much as a baseball fan will enjoy MLB 15 The Show.

And I'm totally OK with that. You should be too.

Balsanoid1457d ago

@DarkAstronaut Fat Princess is one of those games that anyone who didn't own a PS3 just couldn't understand the awesomeness of without having tried it. The original on PS3 was SOO fun and addicting! The only reason I ever stopped playing is because glitchers (instant-build ladders for climbing castle walls) took all of the fun out of it, and Sony did nothing to fix the glitch... at least the last time I tried. I'm super stoked for a PS4 version though!

Kingdomcome2471457d ago

@DarkAstronaut- Prior to the PSX I had no knowledge of the Fat Princess franchise. It's on my radar now, as it looks like an absolute blast to play with friends.

DarkAstronaut1457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )


It's a bit different, more like Diablo with co-op and bots you level up. It's more of a loot grinding RPG now. I hope the traditional MP modes are in there too but I'm not sure as they haven't said anything about it.

Read this

bleedsoe9mm1457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

ya fez on ps4 way to go sony . anyone know why rayman legends is being counted as a +90 on ps4 but not on xb1 .

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3-4-51457d ago

The MAIN Important thing is the # of games 75+ on a console, not really the amount of 90+ games.

75+ = Worth trying out, could potentially be one of your favorite games, also might have a few things you don't like though.

PS2 had a ton of games like that, which is why it sold so many.

PC continuously gets a ton of 75+ games released every year, which is why the PC gaming market will always remain mostly healthy.

* All the Dev's are swinging for the fences (90+), and striking out and failing.

They need to focus on getting base hits, and doubles and making quality 75+ games that build new IP's, characters, worlds and genres.

kingbain901457d ago

Actually it backs up that claim. X1 had the higher average score (all though barely) however if you take away the multiplats and remasters X1 widens the score gap.

DarkAstronaut1457d ago

The Xbox One had a .4 higher overall rating while the PS4 has 48 more games. Get real.

76erz241457d ago

I hope you realize that NONE of the games the ps4 scored above 90 on this year saw their initial release in 2014. They were all ports/remasters. TLOUR, GTA5, Fez, and Diablo 3 were all released in previous years.

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Gore-Content1457d ago

The gaming world would be a better place if people stop giving metacritic so much attention.

N4GJD1456d ago

Yet again,

Wii U > Xbox One > PlayStation 4