Final Fantasy XV further detailed in Famitsu - Rent Chocobos, buy cooking ingredients, and more

Famitsu this week has a new preview of Final Fantasy XV following the game’s appearance at Jump Festa this weekend.

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Death1453d ago

At what point in time do we get to stop riding on giant chickens and get another mode of transportation?

Eonjay1453d ago

Well, there is this car that has been shown in every trailer... lol

Death1453d ago

I know, I was really excited for that until I seen we can still rent chickens. :(

vishmarx1453d ago

this game will be glorious . mark my words.

offcourse whiners will always have something to b**** about,
be it a girl's attire or an optional mount

jambola1452d ago

so you're saying you were excited about the car
until you realized that renting chocobos was an option?
a choice that will likely never be forced on you?

NoctisPendragon1452d ago

So whit a car you can climp moutains or jump?

Spotie1452d ago

You realize how little sense that makes since there have been other modes of transportation for years? And how it looks even more stupid considering the emphasis they place on the car in the game?

Don't like chocobos? Don't rent em.

Some people whine about the dumbest things...

Death1452d ago

I apologize. I didn't realize having an opinion different then yours was whining. Chocobo were cute when we were playing with animated cartoon characters. With all the emphasis on more realistic characters in the games, I would think riding on giant chickens would become a thing of the past. People don't rent choco because they are cute, they do it since it saves time over walking. I do agree that the chocobo look even more stupid when compared to the car in the game.

Adrian_v011452d ago


People in South Africa ride ostriches...I don't see the problem with realism. When you make a drama about something that's optional, not forced on you then you kinda ask to be called a whiner.

AirJohnston1452d ago

"I don't like Chocobos." would be an opinion.

"I know, I was really excited for that until I seen we can still rent chickens. :(" is complaining.

And Spotie wasn't saying Chocobos look stupid, he was saying you complaining about them was stupid because of how much emphasis Square has put on the car

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Amuro1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

"-Cindy shows up in different places throughout the game. Something happens with her at the start that shakes her up and gets her moving around."

I anticipated that it was gonna be like this but this cliche still annoys the hell out of me.

goldwyncq1452d ago

Chocobo rental? That ought to shut up those who keep saying that this game isn't Final Fantasy enough.

TekKing1452d ago

You can only play as 1 character. This game isn't a Final Fantasy game at all. It's just another FF13 clone with the FFXV titles slapped on the box to fool people into buying another one. I'm sure the car will be "on-the-rails" too. The game looked like a full FF game when it was PS3 exclusive and was called FFvs13 where you could play as more than 1 character and it put a bit of strategy behind battles but now that they called it FFXV it has been downgraded so where you can only play as 1 character and they dumbed down the battle system. I'm sure they're working on downgrading the game further.

People who like FF13 will like this but I doubt people that liked FFvs13 will like whatever the hell this is. They will get hyped about it but will be disappointed just like last time and then they'll continue to say "B-b-but wait until FFXVI!" and "FFXVI is the last hope for FF".

NoctisPendragon1452d ago

1.Talk for your self.
2.IF SE could make more than 1 playble character they would have done for sure .
3.FF XIII clone? , you must be a troll or just blind .

jambola1452d ago

1, it is a final fantasy game
2, 13 clone? how? the story is different, the characters, the mechanics, it's open world, basically everything is different, also you could switch characters
fool people into buying another one? there's trailers showing the gameplay, and a demo coming soon, people are well informed( most people)
car is confirmed not to be on rails
shows how well informed you are

goldwyncq1452d ago

What on earth are you talking about? This game is NOTHING like FFXIII at all. And 1 playable character =/= dumbed down battle system. If you've played the Kingdom Hearts games then you'd know that. This game is very much Final Fantasy and haters like you won't change that.

Eiyuuou1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

And when the game releases, I predict that you will be bashing and shitting on the game on every forum and site you can find while we will buy it, try it, and hopefully enjoy the game.

Fortunately, I can't look into the future, and neither can you. But if the game will be as it's looking now, I will most likely enjoy it.

Yes I liked Versus 13, and I do like "whatever the hell this is". If I will be dissapointed, so be it (which I personally doubt). But it's too early to judge this game. You have every right to out your opinion, but I do believe you have something better to do than to bash on this game so much. If you don't like it, say so once, but reminding us of your opinion on almost every post is a bit over the top,don't yout think?

You don't like it? Just ignore it then. Life can be that simple.

Have a nice day now. ^^

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