Why the Hell Does XBL Have Ads?

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"Playstation Network is quickly gaining ground on Microsoft's current Xbox Live setup. Somehow Sony has managed to offer all of this coolness free of charge to gamers. While PSN still has a way to go to catch up to the functionality of XBL, it is closing the gap rapidly and at absolutely no cost to consumers. What really burns my ass the most about XBL the way it exists now is that despite paying $50 bucks a year, I have to look at McDonalds ads every time I flip a blade. If you are getting advertising dollars from huge mega-corporations, why are you taking my $50 bucks too?"

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Wildarmsjecht3695d ago

Oh....this won't end well.

<Leaves article post>

rickjames3695d ago

but i see nothing wrong with xbl ads. they are not that big and they dont get in the way to were u cant skip them like qore ads. ads are another way for companies to promote there stuff so u know about it. how do u hear about other stuff u like like games and movies??? ads!

v1c1ous3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

people that haven't seen the 360 blades are the ones making it seem like it's something gigantic or something we gotta go through everytime we turn on a 360.

let them talk though. it makes them look foolish in the process.


here's a picture of "big" the ad is. the "mystery gamer" box is the size of the ad, and only appears on a couple of pages.

doG_beLIEfs3695d ago

How noticable are they? Do they really get in the way? I have not seen this in person so I am curious. If they are game related I do not see the problem but if you are seeing ads for Mc Dogfoods then I think thats a bit too much.

Hopefully PSN will be caught up to Live soon so MS will have now choice but to make Live free for you guys.

I will say this, I like the XMB over the blade system (judging from my friends 360 since I do not own one)

Mr Seinfeld3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

The XBL dashboard reminds me of the Sunday newspaper. You buy it for one specific reason. But in the midst of all that you get all the stuff you did'nt sign up for endless coupons and advertisments. I use them for the bottom of the birdcage between changes.

iHEARTboobs3695d ago

The authors biggest beef is having to pay for live when it's closest competitor offers almost as much now and might offer more in the future. I think those with 360's should be glad Sony's getting Home and just got 2.4 because I don't see how MS would dare continue to charge $50 a year if Sony's online service is on par or better.

Finch3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

I don't know how many times this needs to be said. When you first set up your account it asks if you want the ads. The ads are your choice and you can turn the ads off at will! They even give you the choice on what ads you want and don't want. Here is how you do it one more time and im sure it still wont be the last.

On Dashboard hit (A) on your Gamer tag, go to privacy settings. From there you have 2 more options. Go to Xbox Marketing and turn Opt in to Off. This should stop all the game ads from MS (Game Related). Second one is Partner Marketing do the same thing to off. This will stop ads like the BurgerKing and what not ads (Nongame related).

You can turn them both off or leave one on if you like to get just ads about games (Xbox Marketing) or other random stuff (Partner Marketing)!

The ads are your choice they aint forced. If you have ads you choose to have them. If you don't want them turn them off!

deeznuts3695d ago

Mr. Seinfeld you are an impostor! If that was really you, would have started off with:

"What's the deal with the endless coupons and advertisements in my sunday newspaper?"

killtheaquitted3695d ago

That would be a great point if thats the only ad that was on XBL

crck3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

Sorry you are wrong. I just opted out of both and the ads still show up. I believe those opt outs are just so they don't send you spam via email. It has nothing to do with the ads that appear.

Finch3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

Did you reset your x360? Works fine here and everyone i ever told about it.

Delive3695d ago

Pro sports games you pay to see.
Cable television you pay to view.
Theme parks you pay to visit.

It brings in revenue. As long as it's not offensive or "intrusive" (Cough Cough Qore), there is no problem with it.

crck3695d ago

Yep signed out of Live then back on. Then tried rebooting with new settings. Ads still appear.

thebudgetgamer3695d ago

as long as it doesnt stop you dead in youre tracks to make you wacth a commercial i dont see the problem

f7897903695d ago

I completely forgot about it.

wallace10003695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

Well said! I read the article and thought to myself "there are ads on xbox live?" I honestly haven't ever paid enough attention to notice these ads. When i am cruising live i know where i am going and i go there, i don't stop to look at ads. A good post though, bubbles for you man.
Also, if ads on xbox live do bother you, then do you pay for cable or satellite tv? Last time i checked you pay a lot more money for tv service and i am pretty sure there are ads there right?
EDIT: @ Delive, i just read your post and i like your logic.

Delive3691d ago

When I say intrusive, I mean how the ads take over your screen and force you to watch them or wait until they are done to open your eyes. With the live ads, they are there, but they are passive in that you don't have to interact with them at all. They do not stall your progress.

Thanks Wallace1000

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rroded3695d ago

Amen just amazed we dont see any on psn considering its free...

donalbane3695d ago

You know what, though? Qore, which is a pay-for-ads service on PSN, has commercials for Burger King that you must watch before watching the ads you already paid for.

Is this site becoming N4PS3Fanboys?

Pornlord3695d ago

I completely agree with you, I think we are VERY lucky we don't see ads all over our PSN. It is a good question he raises (not that the question hasn't been asked before) it's just that nobody cares if a company is screwing them over. Noone cares. I care, that's why I don't pay for it. But my friends will happily pay. It's beyond me

BlackTar3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

Give me a break man. You have a choice to buy Qore or not it has nothing to do with playing games online. you EPIC Fail.
Now XBOX live is a good amount better then PSN but adds are not needed since it is already a pay service.

You need to be able to grasp simple concepts of Requirements and Options

Play Fair or dont play at all

meepmoopmeep3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

donalbane "Qore, which is a pay-for-ads service on PSN"

we're not bombarded with ads unless we choose to pay for Qore (keyword = choose) you're paying $50/yr for those adds on your OS/Blade and other features.

crck3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

If an online mag wants to make you watch ads so what? Don't buy the mag then. If I go into Xbl marketplace I would expect ads too just like the PSN store has ads. But not when I frickin' boot up my system. Why should there be so many ads I can barely see my theme?

DJ3695d ago

And that was it for me. Don't know anyone that's bought any other issues either.

doG_beLIEfs3695d ago

Qore is not published by Sony. It is distributed thru the PSN instead of your local supermarket. It is no different than having a subscription to GamePro except for the fact that one is paperless.

We can buy a single issue of Qore whenever we want or we can buy a year subscription. I bought the 1st issue, and for now...I did not see enough to warrant a year subscription. That may change in the coming months, it all depends on what Qore continues to bring to the table.

rroded3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

Hmm quore a commercial product available on psn has ads. Hows that relative too ads on xbl? I mean you dont have to buy quore if you dont want it but you do have to use your ad blighted blades to do anything on xbl...
Maybe thats why your sounding like the fanboi here to the rest of us.

Heres another ignore for ya and hope loosing a bubble or two will curb your idiotic posts.

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Forbidden_Darkness3695d ago

Very good points, and yet xbox owners keep backing their system. The ps3 is catching up to what the xbox has and also has things which the xbox doesnt have and yet its still free. Micro$oft is already a rich company, yet their still greedy enough to make you pay 50 dollars just so you can play with your friends online, while us ps3 owners get to play with our friends for free. I dont get why xbox owners stand their and defend a greedy company like Micro$oft?

donalbane3695d ago

LIVE is still better, all fees aside.

And you know what else? Achievements weren't a big deal to PS3 owners... until Sony got them too. Now it's like Christ has risen again and endorses the PS3, to hear some of you talk.

doG_beLIEfs3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

I agree, Live is still better. But the PSN is rapidly catching up and my guess is by the end of the year it will have completely caught up with Live. You should hope that it does, that way Microsoft will be hard pressed to make you guys continue to fork over fitty bigguns for Live.

If you love Live root for PSN to catch up and match or surpass Live, that way you have a much better chance of NOT paying $50 for Live.

Simple is it not? Why defend MS's fee? Would'nt you rather it be free?
hey, I just made a catchy slogan...why pay a fee when it should be free. (have a $50 bill with a slash thru it like my avatar)

Cafepress here I come.

As for achievements...I still do not think its a big deal however...I think the RPG leveling up element of Sony's trophies is a better idea and it just might make me finish more games completely searching for every last little thing.

I like the idea of a level up system over a cumulative score circa 1980. Just my flaming intended.

I will probably play thru SSHD just to get trophies now. Many people on my friends list were playing SSHD last nite and some had quite a few trophies.

m91058263695d ago

Achievements are still the most retarded thing to come out of gaming in the last 10 years. I don't need my system to tell me I've done something right and then give me arbitrary and completely useless "my d!ck is bigger" points to validate myself.

Tony240ZT3695d ago

Meh, achivements still don't interest me. I do hear your point though, lots of people saying, "awe man, I traded in that game, I should pick it up again to play through for the trophies". I just don't get it. Play through a game because you enjoy it, because you have no better game, because that's what it's for. I don't need a star everytime I go potty, and you don't need a star for clearing a dungeon. Oh well, guess I'm the minority.

iHEARTboobs3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

"LIVE is still better, all fees aside." lol @ all fees aside. There's only one fee and that's live's. You shouldn't be happy with the $50 fee but you are. That's why you're still being charged.

@Tonay above - I agree about achievements. I'm not really into that but it's nice to know that those who are, are getting their fix.

wallace10003695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

Agreed m9105826. The first time i read your post i thought you said "violate myself" :-P I should read instead of skim but at least it was amusing for a few seconds until i realized what you really said.

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dachiefsman3695d ago

Hey anybody want to ride my dead horse? I am beating the hell out of it.

GiantEnemyCrab3695d ago

OMG! That was funny and so true!

I'm not sitting thru a Freakin Big Mac ad! Every advertisment on the 360 is tied to some kind of game, gaming event or cross promotion with the 360. For something like a movie promo you get things like free gamerpics and themes.

These drama queens make it sound like we are sitting thru Viagra ad's when we turn on our 360.

falconm803695d ago

Would you go to a movie theater that throws a 10 min ads before the movie starts or go to another theater that just let you watch the damn movie with no ads at all.

now if you know that the non ads theater costs nothing, would you still go to the first theater?

The amount of non-sense and ignorance xbox360 fanboys have is unbearable

GiantEnemyCrab3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

falcon: Have you been to a movie lately? You do sit thru commercials. What don't you understand that these "ads" are related to the Xbox 360?

Again, the advertisement on the 360 dashboard are all related to the Xbox 360 in some form.

And to answer your question in a more direct way, if it's a choice between XBL and PSN then I will take the "pay for" service any day. Sony and MS are at different stages in their evolution and if in 5 years PSN does not have ad's and matches XBL then I will give it up for Sony.

Once developers get tired of having to do all the heavy lifting when it comes to integrating online functions Sony will have to do something. When PSN reaches the populous that XBL has they are going to have to do something about their infrastructure. QORE was just the tip of the iceberg. Where are the people complaining that content is being left of PSN and given to QORE members because they pay $$$ and then sit thru ad's as well?

People keep saying it's a choice, but it is effecting the content you freeloaders would normally get. HOME is the next step to massive advertising on the PS3 and I would not be surprised to see plenty of non-gaming related items in it.

Do you think Sony doesn't care about money? It's coming you are just behind the curve.

But for the record let me say again.. ALL THE AD'S ON THE 360 ARE RELATED TO GAMING OR SOME KIND OF 360 PROMOTION. Even the movie/tv adverts are tied to free pics/themes or something with the Video Marketplace. The day I see a Viagra ad on XBL I will grab my pitchfork and join the fight.

Dareaver13695d ago

well said, i have been saying the same thing for over a month now, but they still try to argue something that most of them know nothing about. Many of the fanboys and fans are just regurgitating what their Sony Fanboy Brethren are saying, even though most of it isn't factual.

They try to make it seem like the ads are like a Nike ad or a Drug ad, but most of them are game related and come with free stuff like Themes and Gamer Pics.

None of the ads i've experienced have been obtrusive.

Great comment GEC, great comment.

wallace10003695d ago

@ dachiefsman - you made me laugh my ass off, bubbles
@ Crab - good posts dude bubbles for you senior

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Odion3695d ago

ya that person clearly doesn't have Live, the "ads" are usually like NG2 is out, new demo/movie, get this game for 20 bucks.Its pretty much all game related

crck3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

That fat Burger King ad that appeared just about every time was my imagination? I can also see how Zunes are game related. Since you know.. they don't play games.

Edit: below

No, the Burger King games were in 2006. This was simply an ad showing a picture of a Whopper. Thanks for the age limit trick though. I'll try that.

GiantEnemyCrab3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

You can connect a Zune to a 360 and the Burger King ad's where tied to the Xbox 360 games you buy at BK. It is nothing like the Whopper ad that something like Qore has in it. That is pure advertisment trying to sell you a Whopper without any relation to the console or gaming.

You know if you don't want to look at ad's set your age limit to under 18 and they all go away.