Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba rumored to be working on its own game console for China

Rumors say that Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba is designing a high-end game console to compete with Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4 in China, according to market researcher Niko Partners, which follows the Chinese game market closely.

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ColManischewitz1393d ago

Whoa. Not an Android box but a real console. Wonder if it would be geared to free-to-play games in China?

morganfell1393d ago

It doesn't matter. If the box and its associated games are as good as the products that Alibaba sells then Sony and MS have nothing with which to be concerned as regards sales in China.

crashbash1393d ago

They've got the money to push it in China, they're a huge company. If they can make it more affordable than either the Xbox One or PS4 then Sony and MS will need to be concerned.

It may well be a piece of crap that doesn't compete, but to write it off at this point is naive.

Outside their own country is a different story.

morganfell1392d ago

I am not being naive, I am using something you have chosen to overlook - common sense. They can push this all they want and in the same manner several other hunks of junk have been shoved at consumers in China. Those boxes have gained no ground. If you want to disagreee then that is all well and fine but real naivete is ignoring history and that is precisely what you are doing.

hazelamy1393d ago

the playbox u, if china's previous attempts at knock offs, i mean consoles is any indication.

or better yet, a new polystation. ^_^

ScorpiusX1393d ago

More like to reverse engineer those become available, cause come on if he really want or was concerned he would have brought out guest thing ages ago .

Illusive_Man1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

Cause it has a legit shot at beating foreign rivals. Outside gaming consoles are too expensive and the average Chinese citizen makes very little.

Software_Lover1393d ago

I buy from Aliexpress all the time. Great prices. Alibaba is more of a "bulk" supplier. Not interested in their console at this moment in time.

Stsonic1393d ago

Aliexpress is scalp price usually. Baba is great for bulk electronics.

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