Keiichi Toyama: When you see Gravity Rush 2 again, you'll find out the cause of disappearance

Since the disclosure of the game Gravity Rush 2 in Tokyo last year the game did not see the light, after that a lot of rumors surfaced about the game project and the person who stands behind it. "Keiichi Toyama" spoke to the magazine PlayStation Dengeki this week to give a new update.

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DarkAstronaut1085d ago (Edited 1085d ago )

Gravity Rush 2 PS4.

Platinum Games just announced a PS4 game.

And Dragons Dogma 2 is a rumored PS4 exclusive.

and more.

Makoto Osaki (Sega)
- Unannounced game currently in development

Kazuma Kujou (Granzella)
- A new Disaster Report game is coming in Autumn. Also, two titles coming for PS Vita, and a brand new action adventure game for PS4

Abash1085d ago

I would like to see the first Gravity Rush brought to PS4 so players can get caught up on the story before GR2

Cloudberry1085d ago

Gravity Rush 1 HD port by Bluepoint studios maybe.

1080p, 60fps or stable 30fps, etc.

Convert save data from 1 to 2.

Also a Gravity Rush 2 for PS4 & Vita.


LightDiego1085d ago

Vanquish 2 maybe? Can't wait for Gravity Rush 2.

italiangamer1085d ago

Bluepoint is working on a port of a portable game for the ps4:

There is a very high chance of it being Gravity Rush

AliTheSnake11085d ago

oh yes Dragon Dogma. First one ran like shit averaged 25fps . couldn't play more than an hour. But I watched a lot of gameplay.

theshonen88991085d ago

Gravity Rush was one of my favorite Vita titles to date.

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scark921085d ago

If Dragons Dogma 2 has co op support! *explode*

DarkAstronaut1085d ago

Capcom just filed a trademark for "Dragons Dogma Online".


The word is it has a name change, is using the Panta Rhei engine (Deep Down), is more like Monster Hunter, is exclusive to the PS4 and is releasing in 2015.

ksnm01085d ago (Edited 1085d ago )

dragons dogma 2 exclusive?

it's capcom, IMPOSSIBLE

nX1085d ago

Looking at the current situation, "impossible" is a pretty strong word for this kind of possibility. Developing a platform exclusive game has more advantages than you might think.

scark921085d ago

Capcom are the kings of Third Party Exclusives!

Jonny5isalive1085d ago

I kinda had an Idea this would happen, I hope its true. I loved gravity rush but sold my vita. I would love it to come out on ps4 where more people could actually buy it.

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WeAreLegion1085d ago

PS4! I love Gravity Rush, but the series is held back by the hardware. So many possibilities with those mechanics. They would work well with the DS4, too.

Spotie1085d ago

But they work better with the Vita.

WeAreLegion1085d ago (Edited 1085d ago )

They would work just as well with the DualShock 4's capabilities.

@nidhogg - Yes, it was. What they were able to accomplish on the Vita was outstanding, but the game could definitely be improved with more powerful hardware. Draw distance, physics, and graphics in general could all be improved.

nidhogg1085d ago

It wasn't really held back. It felt natural as it is.

nX1085d ago

You're right but it also has tons of potential on proper hardware. I love my Vita but I also love Gravity Rush and PS4 is the perfect platform for a sequel.

Inception1085d ago

Yup, i also felt Gravity Rush more natural on handheld. No wonder Toyama changed the project from PS3 to vita.

Inception1085d ago

If the game held back by hardware than why the 1st prototype called Gravite being made on PS3?

Toyama himself even said the game are more perfect for handheld

nidhogg1085d ago

That's just journalist speculation. It's too early to say that it will come out to PS4. And why is Vita spelled Feta? Is the whole page translated?

nX1085d ago

It's not too "early" or "speculation", it has been rumored for quite a long time now. It's all but confirmed at this point.

HentaiMasterRace1085d ago

What if it was a Vita exclusive? The disappointment that would stir would be hilarious.

keymmido1085d ago

I'm down for the PS4 but there was something immersive and personal about the Vita that I don't think the PS4 can replicate. Hopefully remote play can capture that, although I'd rather have a title for both systems. I don't think I've anticipated anything as much as GR2. The music alone sold it for me.

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