Get an X1 AC Unity Bundle, Destiny and a $50 gift card for $349.99 at Best Buy

For all those who don't own an X1 yet or just want another one - this is probably one of the best deals so far.

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VER1ON1429d ago

Consumers are the winners :)

freshslicepizza1429d ago

where are all the wii u deals? you would think nintendo would be pushing the most since its selling the worst. this xbox one deal is like getting the system for less than $250 when you consider your getting 3 games and a $50 gift card.

DarkAstronaut1429d ago

The Wii U has sold between 3-3.5 million consoles in the US in 2 years. This is way below the GameCube. I think they gave up on this generation is the only logical answer, because them not dropping the price pre BF for Xmas with Smash Bros available is very confusing

Gamer7771429d ago

If Nintendo had a good marketing sense, they should of released a Smash Bros deluxe bundle.

Iceball20001429d ago

But I'd rather pay $250 and get what I want, I don't like those games.

Godz Kastro1429d ago (Edited 1429d ago )

Bananas! Gonna grab my third one now. Me and my nephews getting it in!

Gamble201429d ago

With Walmart selling the PS4 for $329, this is all working out well for gamers!

No_Limit1429d ago

What, so are telling me the XB1 is not the only console getting discounts and great deal for gamers?

Good news for all gamers.

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