Nintendo’s next console will likely use x86 AMD chip, just like the Xbox One and PS4

ExtremeTech "After securing both the Xbox One and PS4, it would appear that an AMD SoC will also be powering Nintendo’s next console. Nintendo has been hinting at new hardware for a while now, probably to appease any disgruntled gamers and shareholders over the Wii U’s lackluster impact in the eighth-generation console war — now, Shigeru Miyamoto has confirmed that Nintendo is working on a possible new gaming system, and AMD has confirmed that it’s got another major design win. Are they one and the same thing? Probably."

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3-4-51425d ago

Games on the Wii U look beautiful.

It's going to look better than that, so however it looks I'll be happy.

* I measure Nintendo consoles against themselves, same with Microsoft & Sony.

As long as the new one is an improvement over the old one, it's usually a win/win.

EZMickey1425d ago

Look at those disagrees. What a pathetic community. This is one of the best comments I've read all year.

Mastadope421425d ago


Majority of the gaming population feels this way about Nintendo well or atleast the Wii U. Don't blame this on N4G, this is Nintendo's fault why all this criticisms get's thrown they're way...

larrysdirtydrawss1425d ago

boy you have easy standards huh?

SilentNegotiator1425d ago

Nintendo will always do their games in their style and they'll look fine on any hardware; it's the third parties who are going to benefit from such a change, like they did with the Ps4/Xbone (at least in terms of ports).

Oldman1001424d ago

It's all about what the developers do with the hardware for sure!

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Mastadope421425d ago

Lol no wonder you only have one bubble.

Gamer19821424d ago

And probably come out near the end of the xbox and ps4 lifecycle when the new xbox and ps are released and be once again put in peoples minds at least along with the previous generations consoles. This will get 3rd partys to once again drop it as they don't want to make a special nintendo version. Nintendo if they do this console need to get this thing out in two years and make it as powerful as the current gen if not more powerful.

Geobros1425d ago

Its possible yes but maybe its not.

Qrphe1425d ago

It's also very possible they'll match their power just like they've done it for two gems already.

Tsar4ever011425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

If Nintendo does that, it would be to there downfall, Nintendo better start forward thinking and choose it's hardware wisely, especially it's gpu and ram capacity. X1 choose the updated entry level gpu from the Bonaire family, the PS4 uses the midrange gpu from the Pitcairn family, Nintendo better not except anything lesser than the Tahiti family, which is of the 7900 series. The reason I didn't mention any of the R7, R9 gpu's cuz I figured the older cards would be cheaper in cost, then again the R7, R9's series are more energy efficient and run cooler. The basic jiff I'm trying to make is Nintendo shouldn't try to match ps4 & X1, but surpass them significantly. Especially if they want better 3rd party support.

Kumomeme1424d ago

tonga gpu might be good choice,since it has few latest features like r290x has and better tesselation performance around 2-4 times

DeadlyFire1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

PS4/XB1/PS3/X360 all use pretty much the same CPU structure with about 8 threads on the CPU and 2 used for the OS primarily. PS4/XB1 jumped into x86 which is a plus, but still kinda same structure for CPUs as far as threading goes on x86. Its about time for that to upgrade, but Nintendo could drop into the same old 8 thread formula as Sony/Microsoft move up to say 12 or 16 threads maybe? Then again they could just go with slightly faster 8 thread CPUs and more GPU power on the chip.

IBM's new designs for Power8's Open platform. Which is aiming to compete in the market. Aims for about the same 8 thread design on one core. It could be an option.

NVIDIA's ARM CPUs/APUs in the future could be an option for Nintendo as well. They push alot for graphics and low power ARM design for the mobile platforms. They could work well with Nintendo.

Still though its a long road before Nintendo drops a new console. I expect we won't see it until 2017-2020 at the earliest. Hardware leaks in the future are likely though as always.

Nintendo has always shot their CPU in the foot. So I am not sure I would believe this as a positive thing just because they could possibly jump to x86 they could still be aiming to low. PS5/XB4 will be aiming for 4k 30 fps or 1080p 60fps as a baseline for next gen with 3+ Tflops.

DarkAstronaut1425d ago

I'm honestly just interested in what to see what direction they go in term of matching PS4/Xbox One or if they decide to try to make a significant leap over them. Also what wacky "Nintendo would only do that" idea they have for the system that people will either love it or hate it for. This IMO is a big one for them though, 3 of their last 4 consoles have not done well and if the next one pulls Wii U numbers I could see them becoming a handheld only and/or software only company.

I'll do my part, I buy every Nintendo system. Hopefully others follow suit because I don't want to see that happen to them, but I do think it's a possibility if things don't go well.

strangeaeon1425d ago

Nintendo has more work ahead in terms of it's online model when compared to XBL and PSN.Nintendo has got to attract more 3rd party support as well. As for hardware, I guess Nvidia and Intel no longer feel that the console market is worth it. Or is it they can't find a sweet spot for profit?

Kumomeme1424d ago

the reason amd dominate both ps4 and xbox one hardware because of nvidia demands for payment was too expensive
then both companies turn out for amd

darthv721425d ago

There is no rule that says that each company must match or best the next. Nintendo does their own thing and have had a success in setting themselves apart. Some better than others.

If there are disgruntled wiiu owners then its not with the system or its games. Its with Nintendo and their lack of proper marketing to secure 3rd party deals.

DarkAstronaut1425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

I'm talking their internal goals which 3 of 4 have been severely downgraded mid cycle. They expected Wii U to sell like Wii internally.

These are Nintendo's goals, not mine.

NeoGamer2321424d ago

There definitely is no rule saying they must match the other systems, but being different is not increasing their market share anymore. The Wii U sales are a fraction of what Wii was.

Nintendo makes great games. Everyone knows that. But, without a top quality online experience, basic features such as Blu-ray playback, a mandatory gamer profiling/trophy/achievement system, and solid 3rd party support Nintendo will not increase their following at all.

I like how Nintendo works hard to differentiate themselves. But, they also need to realize there are things that gamers expect on PS4 and X1 and if they want to try and increase their market share it will be by converting gamers from those consoles.

I bet a lot of XB and PS owners would switch to Nintendo if they had a offering that differentiated them from the other consoles but contained the things that gamers have grown accustomed to on those consoles.

I play my Wii U but, I would play it a lot more if it was more on par with the X1 and PS4. It would easily become my primary console.

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SteamPowered1425d ago

Nintendo may have stutter stepped on this gen, but the Wii was a massive commercial success. Nintendo has some tight purse strings but it has also helped them keep a massive stockpile of money for development costs.
The DS and 3DS have been monsters as well for Nintendo. I think that it will take quite a blunder to actually sink the Nintendo ship.
Im hoping Nintendo doesnt try to be on par with X1 or PS4 because that will leave them a generation behind...again.

Ninty should be forward thinking and work on a powerful console with some ease on development. Leave the gimmicks behind.

DarkAstronaut1425d ago

"Nintendo has some tight purse strings but it has also helped them keep a massive stockpile of money for development costs."

Agreed. The consoles aside from Wii are losing them money, I just wonder if they'll think consoles are woth the risk.

"Ninty should be forward thinking and work on a powerful console with some ease on development. Leave the gimmicks behind"

I'm actually excited to see what they decide.

traumadisaster1425d ago

But have they ever jumped ahead on tech that resulted in the best? Based on their long history I don't see their behavior changing.

Joey_Leone1424d ago (Edited 1424d ago )

Honestly, i think Nintendo is doing great with SOME of their exclusive titles, all they have to do is update their hardware and gain 3rd party support. Also, Nintendo should consider beefing up there online infrastructure, nothing fancy, just the basic necessities like in game voice, party chat and 18 player matches. One more thing, adding a trophy system would be nice.

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ScorpiusX1425d ago

Jesus Nintendo stop trying to be like Sony or MS be better than them.
Set the bar to where they have to follow you .

madjedi1425d ago

Then Nintendo needs to learn to live with gamecube lvl sales or below.

Sony and ms won't follow Nintendo likely ever again, you couldn't have picked more polar opposites if you tried to.

Sony took the mantle from Nintendo with the ps1 and hasn't looked back since, those days are long over.

Razjin1425d ago

My thing is that Nintendo has to do these things. First bring more new ip's or use franchises that have not been touch in awhile. Second come out with hardware that will last in terms of development progression and overall consumer value because I for one don't want to buy an upgraded version of the wii u like they did with the wii with releasing wii hd causing to spend more money to reap the benefits. Third which reverts back to my first is give some of these old franchises a rest they deserve it. Fourth should be more third party support from all developers which kinda ties in with hardware. Lastly they need to risk a lil more instead of always being conservative. I would gladly purchase a Nintendo system if they can get at least a few of these right. I'm not bashing the company but I see the things that holds back its home console from the rest.

SteamPowered1425d ago

To be fair, nobody does first party games like Nintendo. I will give them credit for that. As for chasing hardware gains, that doesnt seem like Nintendos style.

1425d ago
Scatpants1425d ago

You can be better than them and use x86 architecture. Do you understand how computers work?

Psychotica1425d ago

Jesus Nintendo? Never heard of him..

zero_gamer1425d ago

"Jesus Nintendo stop trying to be like Sony or MS be better than them.
Set the bar to where they have to follow you ."

This says hi:

filchron1425d ago

EXACTLY. the presentation of their games absolutely SMASHED the PS1's in terms of how the 3D gameworld was presented in front of you. the smooth perspective corrected polygons made the world that much more believable.

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Dudebro901425d ago

Doubtful. Backwards compatibility is a big thing with Nintendo.