Nintendo World Report: Space Invaders Extreme Review

Nintendo World Report writes: "Space Invaders revolutionized gaming 30 years ago. Famed Nintendo game designer Shigeru Miyamoto did not even express the slightest interest in video games until he had seen Space Invaders in action. The game was so revolutionary for the time that it practically invented the concept of high scores and caused a shortage of 100 yen coins in Japan. Space Invaders helped usher in the golden age of arcade gaming in 1978, and in 2008 it returns in style.

Space Invaders Extreme puts a twist on the classic Space Invaders formula by including many modern features of shmups including power-ups, combos, hidden bonuses, and seizure-inducing colors and themes. The giant shields which once protected your cannon are removed, which speeds up gameplay and makes the game feel more frantic due to your vulnerability. Though changed to suit the times, Space Invaders Extreme retains the focus of the original title - destroy all the aliens before they land on Earth (a.k.a. the bottom of the screen). The original Space Invaders featured enemies of a single color with no distinguishing characteristics between them.. Now each invader has a unique color with a power-up assigned to it. Destroy four invaders of the same color and the last invader killed will drop a power-up. Each power up has its strengths and weaknesses, and using them requires strategy. For instance, picking up a blue power-up will give you a devastatingly powerful laser, but it is completely ineffectual against invaders equipped with a shield. The single shielded invader will protect all invaders from the laser behind them as well."

+Meaningful and unique upgrade to the core Space Invaders experience
+Music created by your in-game actions
+Unique and interesting bosses
+Rumble Pak compatibility
+Local and WiFi multiplayer, complete with Practice Mode

-Later stages can be brutally challenging

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