The Old City: Leviathan Forgets its Audience - Kill Screen

"Much of the comfort present in The Old City: Leviathan is ephemeral. It comes in brief flashes of recognition, objects that represent things long past: typewriters, tools, flowers, stuffed whales, and children’s letter blocks. As soon as I stumble upon them, they’re gone again, and I’m in on my way down a different corridor, trying to piece together a coherent story from within the prison of a madman.

He is nameless, or a Minotaur, or maybe Jonah, entwined with the myth of the whale. Most importantly, he’s our guide through the wide-eyed setting of The Old City—there is no external without his internal. Everything we see is through his eyes; everything we think is through his rambling, semi-coherent thoughts as we explore the ruins of a place and civilization."

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