Rumor Killers - CoD6, Killer Instinct 3, and More

"Once considered one of the best fighting games around, the Killer Instinct franchise has yet to make a transition from the days of the SNES and N64. The Rare-developed game hosts some of the craziest combos and unforgettable characters. So it comes to no surprise that gamers around the world are begging Rare to develop and rekindle the once great fighting franchise.

Rare, being their cheeky selves, have been teasing gamers with little Killer Instinct 3 hints for a while, most noticeably on Christmas cards sent to gaming websites which had a picture of Banjo sitting on chair next to the fireplace, decorated with a stocking with Killer Instinct 3 written across the front. There's also this photo taken from inside Rare studios in the UK."

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Nick27283670d ago

I think a Call of Duty -6- is a going a bit far. If you believe the words in the Fallout 3 trailer "War never changes" then it's turning to a case of beating a dead horse.

Relin3670d ago

All the more reason for them to push it into the future, where at least the weaponry has changed.

thegamereviews3670d ago

Fallout E3 goodness is only 2 weeks away!

predator3670d ago

Can't wait for some Fallout 3 gameplay footage

Jinxstar3670d ago

@ Relin.

I think we have enough Sci Fi Shooters on the market... They should just revamp some modern or vietnam stuff. Guerilla Warfare type stuff.

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predator3670d ago

please god please let there be a killer instinct 3 and if you are feeling really generous then throw in KI 1 and 2 on live arcade lol

aubradley3670d ago

Killer Instinct was the best.


Multigamer3670d ago

lets hope the KI3 and price drop are true

1stKnighT3670d ago

Killer Instinct 3 alone would steal e3 for Microsoft. Sony will continue to show more and more footage of Killzone 2 and LBP just like the past 5 years.

Shroomy3670d ago

That made me giggle! :P

Call Of Duty 6 is obviously coming, it will be hyped and overrated to death just like CoD4, sadly.

Killer Instinct 3 on the other hand, c'mon Rare DO want!

mistertwoturbo3669d ago

1stKnight is actually right. KI3 if it's real, will be one of the biggest surprises for this generation.

Lekumkee3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

Ummm..... When the hell was that? Seriously I "liked" Killer Instincts like everyone else but never ever would I even consider calling it "best" anything. Actually when I went back to play it, it was laughable at best. Bring on CoD6 though. And no, Killer Instincts would not "steal" E3, you're gotta be a lunatic to believe so, a very derange lunatic....