GameSpy: Quantum of Solace Preview

GameSpy writes: "The 2006 release of the film Casino Royale introduced the world to a reinvented James Bond. Gone were the science fiction gadgets and physics-defying action sequences. The increasingly over-the-top caricature of Bond from previous films was replaced by a more rugged, down-to-earth portrayal -- a James Bond that seemed grounded in reality. Sure, the stunts were still big and bold, but Bond himself as depicted by Daniel Craig was flesh and blood. The danger was real. We felt his pain (yeah, you know the scene I'm talkin' about). And, perhaps for the first time, audiences actually started to care about Bond as a character.

This new take on the Bond franchise represents both a challenge and an opportunity for the team at Treyarch studios, who are hard at work creating the first video game based off of the Daniel Craig's "new" Bond. It's a tall order to create compelling gameplay that doesn't revolve around magical gadgets or invisible cars. But Executive Producer Garret Young, a self-proclaimed "Bond Geek," thinks the team is up to it. The new Bond has a "hands on, head first" approach to problem solving, according to Young, and the new game aims to embrace this kind of visceral action."

-Beautiful graphics and big spectacle
-Great cinematic moments

-Will two movies fit elegantly into one game?
-Multiplayer still a mystery

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