Suing's Not The Answer

Mikael Von Stroot for Fully 'Avin It Writes: Let’s face it, the Assassin’s Creed Unity launch was a hot mess. Ubisoft have managed to turn the gaming world against them by releasing games that don’t work as they should because they are striving to hit deadlines imposed upon them by the fat cats chomping on fatty’s (cigars. They aren't cannibals, we think). That being said though there seems to be an alarming trend in video games that when a product is released that doesn't meet the standards expected that a group of people decide to shout from the rooftops one phrase that makes my blood boil; “I’m going to sue you”.

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ScorpiusX1450d ago

It's a waste of time especially in case like this ,you are going up against financial giant with a hired team of Sharks that will obliterated any soft lawyer. Me am taking the so called compensation game , DLC and just being more select next am intrigued about a new game from them .

Razjin1450d ago

It is a total waste being that most class action lawsuits only would result in gamer's getting a very small portion of the money which wouldn't be as significant as the free game that they offered. So i'll take my free game if I were one of the those people who had the season pass and just don't purchase another one of their products until shit is realize by them to start refining the game before release.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1450d ago

If a developer sells junk, avoid buying their games. You can sue them as many times as you like and you probably won't see any result. Don't buy their games and when thousands of copies of their games start piling up in warehouses and store shelves, these developers and publishers will stop selling crap and start making some games that work day 1.