Sexy Korean idol Hyunyoung models for shooting game 'Black Squad'

Korean idol Hyunyoung has transformed into a sexy assassin in the photoshot for online shooting game 'Black Squad'.

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thorstein1300d ago

and yet my Johnson says it is.

AHall881300d ago

About 70% of the stuff on N4G isn't news.

lfc_4eva1300d ago

I think you're being far too generous with 70%.

Maxor1300d ago

N4G is almost useless for "news". If it weren't for this, it'll be completely useless.

CorndogBurglar1300d ago

Did you guys know about this before this article? Then its news. Whether it interests you or not. Something happened, and they are reporting it. Thats literally what news is.

FromTheAshes1300d ago

Korean models have more plastic parts than Samsung Galaxy phones. The amount of plastic surgery done in South Korea is staggering.