Gamedaily: Quantum of Solace Preview - Activision's first James Bond game will leave you shaken and stirred

Gamedaily writes: "Just like 2006's Casino Royale gave the James Bond movie series a much-needed update, Quantum of Solace will try to do the same for James Bond games when it arrives Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 later this year.

This combo first- and third-person action game puts you in the (expensive) shoes of Bond in an adventure that includes events from the Royale film and the new Quantum of Solace movie. We recently caught a look at the game and left shaken and stirred by what's to come.

Quantum of Solace's story picks up after Royale's, with Bond pursuing the villians responsible for the death of his lady friend Vespa. There will be some variations that fit with the level design, however. At one point in the game, Le Chiffre, the chief villain Bond faces off against in Casino Royale, finds himself endangered by rogue mercenaries. Bond has to keep him alive in order to keep him in the game, so he'll have to fight these enemies without Le Chiffre figuring out who he really is."

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CAPT IRISH3672d ago

Just make it a Goldeneye 007 clone and we will be happy

ActionBastard3672d ago

COD4 engine and 007?! I have HIGH hopes.