10 Famous Gaming Secrets (That Never Really Existed)

Uncatchable Pokémon, nonexistent Bonds, and definitely no cow level!

This list takes a look at ten famous gaming secrets that you’ve probably come across at some point in your gaming career. Of course, there’s one little problem – every single one is completely false. From uncatchable creatures to characters that will never be unlocked, these are gaming’s greatest secrets that never actually existed!

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rayzorn1457d ago

there was a cow level in diablo one. idk what he is talking about.

it was not a level full of killing cows. it was a secret level that you had to kill cows in town to open up.

WeAreLegion1457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

Diablo II. Blizzard added it because of the rumor about the first game.

Edit: Didn't see that you made more comments. My mistake. You can edit your comments, by the way.

rayzorn1457d ago

yeah I know. for somereason it didn't hit me to do it that time though. lol thanks

rayzorn1457d ago

err maybe not. lol someone I play diablo 3 with was telling me that now im looking it up. maybe he lied to me. lol. should of looked before I posted.

rayzorn1457d ago

after doing some research what he told me he did is what you have to do to get into the secret level in diablo 2. so either I thought he said diablo 1 or he did by mistake.

Canary1457d ago

Yeah, they put the secret cow level in Diablo 2 *because* of the rumor of there being one in Diablo 1.

They also made one of the Starcraft cheats, "there is no cow level" or something like that.

cpayne931457d ago

I did that pokemon thing so much as a kid. Up on the dpad right as the pokeball comes out, then the A button right as the pokemon went in the ball. Hold both until its caught.

All my friends and I were convinced it worked when we were kids. Good times.

TXIDarkAvenger1456d ago

I still do the Pokemon thing, its become a habit after so many years.

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