9 Gaming Moments In 2014 That Made Everyone Uncomfortable

This list takes a look at 9 gaming moments from this year that made everyone uncomfortable. From jarring bugs to painful livestreams, each of these entries are proof that 2014 has been one of the most uncomfortable years for gamers yet.

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Games4ever1426d ago

Nudity and sex does not make me uncomfortable.

But stupid people do.

mezati991426d ago

That's some deep shit man

UnwanteDreamz1426d ago

How many times have we seen prostitutes in movies bob their heads? Its almost over used in cinema.

iiorestesii1426d ago

I think the point the article was trying to make that your referring to is if you buy a hooker in GTA in first person view, do that shit on your own time. Just because they show tits in flicks, that don't absolve you from being a wierdo from having a favorite hooker in GTA5.

Oldman1001425d ago

Then you get all the stupid people that experience all that nudity and sex which results in more stupid people. It's a never ending cycle that can't be avoided lol.

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ginganinja1426d ago

Not knowing whether it's safe to start reading because you're not sure if your pos-onitslastlegs-laptop is taking half a century to load in all the ads and shifting the text up and down like zebedee on acid.

donwel1426d ago

Nothing in games makes me feel uncomfortable because I (like many others) can distinguish fantasy from reality. It's only brain damaged SJWs who can't it seems

Games4ever1426d ago (Edited 1426d ago )

If we as adults feel uncomfortable by seeing a naked woman's body, so I'd say you have a huge problem.

Oddly enough, some of those people does not feel uncomfortable by slaughtering a human being in cold blood in a video game, but seeing a naked woman makes them shake of discomfort.

To me it’s very strange.

Panzerkanzler1426d ago

Have a bubble! It's basically american morality at play here...killing other humans is ok but a naked body is gucking unacceptable! That sends a pretty sick signal to the young.

methegreatone1426d ago

Completely missing the point of this article, and the point of why nudity and sex are restricted to certain age groups, and how it differs from violence. Seriously, violence and sex are completely different altogether. The comparison you make does not achieve anything.

annoyedgamer1426d ago (Edited 1426d ago )

You are missing the point. Here in the USA folks with functioning noggin despise censorship of any kind.

iiorestesii1426d ago

You, my friend are the one talking about censorship and therefore missing the point. The objective of this article is to commemorate a year in gaming. Rest assured, any deep issues you find stated here in the comment section of this whimsical article is a personal issue. American morality indeed.

garos821425d ago

agreed. Lets all kill naked people*

*pixelated naked people. i feel i have to stress that point such that some numpties don't get the wrong idea and think i actually mean real life people

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methegreatone1426d ago

What is strange ? Everyone keeps saying "You have no problem with violence, but sex is so bad ?"
Everyone says that without looking at the specific situation

The sex scene in GTA5 is weird and looks more awkward than anything. Thats just how it is. Why ? Presentation. Its uncanny for the most part - the NPC model looks really strange too.
The south park sex backdrop is a bit awkward and uncomfortable to watch. Simply because it's presented that way, in typical South Park manner.

Notice they didn't put something like The Witcher 2 in there. Thats because all the scenes in that were tastefully done.

As for the Cold blooded murder part - ofcourse no one feels uncomfortable. Thats because most of the time, the presentation of violence does not warrant any uncomfortable feelings. Most games are presented in a way that does not make players care about violence.
Some games have just enough violence in there to shock players for a moment, but its usually the kind of shock that's followed by a grin or laugh.

Ofcourse, there are games and sections of games that do design violence to be disturbing, and in this case, most players feel uncomfortable.

NiteX1426d ago

That part in The Stick of Truth had me laughing that entire fight. I loved every second of it.

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