Batman: Arkham City Retrospective

"In October 2011, Rocksteady released Arkham City, the sequel to the well-received Arkham Asylum, to universal acclaim.

In just under six months’ time, we’ll see the studio complete their trilogy with the highly-anticipated Arkham Knight (currently scheduled for a release in June). As we inch ever closer to the final instalment, it seems a perfect time to look back at Arkham City, and see whether or not it stands up against today’s AAA titles, what impact it has had on the industry since release, and where we hope it can go in the future"

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raWfodog1427d ago

Rocksteady has no one to blame but themselves if Arkham Knight is not better than Arkham City. It's their fault for raising the bar (and our expectations) so high. They are victims of their own success :)