The Xbox One: Still a Champion

The console wars have been raging since the days of the Sega Mega Drive and Super Nintendo. Lines were drawn… Friends were divided… Allegiances were forged… But gamers will always be divided.

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saadd201430d ago

I dont own the Xbox One, but I know there is definitely a market for it. It is the reason the PS4 is staying competitive, although I fail to believe when it was a champion. The PS4 will always be a winner in my books.

VforVideogames1430d ago

PS4 is not a "winner", XB1 is not a "winner" , The "winners" are us the "gamers" and that should be on anybody's book.

Khimarhi1430d ago

Thank You V, that's exactly how i feel

Army_of_Darkness1430d ago

Xbone still champion?? Lol! I'm trying to figure out when it even became champion to begin with??

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1430d ago

@"The camera on the Xbox is included in the Kinect package, boasting features like voice control, facial recognition and the ability to control the menu by waving your hands. The PlayStation camera is less impressive and you have to purchase it separately."

Completely misleading statement. The Playstation camera also has facial recognition, voice commands, motion tracking and it costs about $100 dollars less than Kinect. The article is a silly attempt at being impartial. If you're a fanboy, be one. It's better than trying to pass yourself off as a voice of reason when you're clearly biased towards a particular console.

Blaze9291430d ago

calm down. "The PlayStation camera is less impressive"

where did the author ever say that the PS camera can't do any of that? He literally said "The PlayStation camera is less impressive"

what's misleading about that? If you think the PS Camera and Xbox One Kinect are on the same level you are kidding yourself. You trying to compare the two, is more misleading than the authors quote.

So, as the author said - "The PlayStation camera is less impressive"

xHeavYx1430d ago

Stop trying so had Blaze, you'll injure something.

UnwanteDreamz1429d ago

Calm down Blaze, he does not agree with the author. Your argument wont change anyones mind. Calm down.

4Sh0w1429d ago (Edited 1429d ago )

Well Blaze is right, the idea from the author in regards to both cameras is that "The PlayStation camera is less impressive"...I use Kinect daily with my X1, I hear people online when playing multiplayer games saying "xbox record that", "xbox snap_ ", its very convenient when used with your cable subscription and party games like fibbagge, my wife loves it with xbox fitness app, etc. it's really a essential part of the whole X1 experience for many users and I think any neutral person looking at the specs and capabilities of both would draw the obvious conclusion that Kinect is more impressive tech than PS camera.

Spotie1429d ago

Is that intentional stupidity?

What the hell else do you think the author would mean? When you list a bunch of stuff one product can do, then say the other is less impressive, you're implying it can't do those things.

Top it off with listing TWO exclusives for PlayStation and then FIVE for Xbox, claiming that the XB1 outsold the PS4, lying about XBL having never been hacked, and the cryptic "not all games are released at full HDMI quality" line... I'm sorry, but how can anybody read this sorry excuse for an article and NOT think the author was a fanboy?

Well, I guess if you're a fanboy, yourself, you might not see it.

rainslacker1429d ago (Edited 1429d ago )

I think they're both pretty unimpressive. They're just cameras. The software is what makes it interesting, although not that much really. X1's software for Kinect is certainly more refined.

However, I do agree with hugs. Trying to play up the Kinect as a crowning achievement when bundled for $100 more than the base unit, despite still being cheaper to buy a base PS4 + seperate camera, and still get most of the same lame functionality no one cares about except the X1 die hard fans based on sales, is a bad attempt at trying to appear impartial.

Article also says that the X1 is "catching up"...which it technically isn't doing. it's just doing better than before, despite still falling behind.

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DJustinUNCHAIND1429d ago (Edited 1429d ago )

Yes, it's time for everyone to be more forthcoming.

You're a fanboy, and it's okay for you to admit it.

@snookiegamer Bad example, because that same person ended up with bankruptcy and horrendous face tattoo.

xHeavYx1429d ago

"You're a fanboy, and it's okay for you to admit it."
I'll never understand how sad fanboys have the nerve to call other people fanboys, especially people like you who do nothing but troll Sony articles.

josephayal1430d ago

For $350 Xbox One is definitely the best choice for gaming

averagejoe261429d ago

Nah. Spending $50 more for the better graphics and exclusives is definitely worth it.

Not to mention the ps4 is $329 at Walmart right now. Who in their right mind would pay more money for the less powerful machine?

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The story is too old to be commented.