Trophy timestamps are 'translated' when comparing with friends

PS3 Fanboy writes: "Trophies brought with them a level of competitiveness that hasn't been available on the PS3 before today. That's why we're certain that some of you are going to be ferociously comparing your trophies with your pals'. Each trophy is timestamped with the exact minute that you obtained it, so even if you and your friends have exactly the same number, you can see who got each one first.

But what happens when your friend lives in a different timezone? Thankfully, this is not an issue. All times are converted over to your timezone whenever you compare trophies with anyone on your friends list. You can clearly see this in the high resolution version of the image above. Despite Jeff being 8 hours behind, the time still states that we got our hands on the trophy before him. Not that we're bragging, or anything."

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eagle213736d ago

"I got it first"

......."No you didn't"

"Look at the timestamp! PWNED!"


Tempist3736d ago

Sweet, less arguments about who's pen15 grew faster or bigger.

games4fun3736d ago

"still states that we got our hands on the trophy before him. Not that we're bragging, or anything."

lol that is actually pretty cool

earthdome3736d ago

what if we change the time of the ps3? or will it synchronize with the world time..

"hey..i got the trophy since 1998!!" =P

kingme713736d ago

Lol... ain't time wonderful.

Baahhh... check my trophy case, I got that same trophy back in '85 on an Amiga with a 10" monitor and no save option, uphill both ways. I just had Sony upload it to my case after they polished it up nice.

eagle213736d ago

This is all in fun. Anyone who changes the time knows it and must sleep with that fact (or not sleep).

Of course worldwide time zones are different, but you can still easily figure out which one was first to obtain a trophy.

OgTheClever3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

No, i don't think it is possible to cheat at all by altering your time.

What probably happens is that the moment you get the trophy, this information gets uploaded to a server or something which records what time it is (this will always be the same regardless of where the data is being sent from).

When you want to access this data it has to be downloaded and it is at this point the times of you and your friends' trophies are converted to whatever your time PS3 is set at. You have to remember that trophies are connected to PSN ID's and not the console.

eagle213736d ago

I was only thinking about little hackers. I don't think it's possible or easy to manipulate the times of trophies but I have been surprised by little hackers before.

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nos4speed3736d ago

all we need now is for developers to get off their lunch breaks and patch some games, Uncharted and MGS4 are a must!

SL1M DADDY3736d ago

Many devs patched their titles for rumble support when the DS3 was released. You can expect the same for trophies as it will certainly spike some sales in older games due to those buying the again just to get some more trophies. Trophies for some equal replay value so for devs, they equal more money in sales. Sure some will have not gotten rid of their original copy but some have and they may repurchase the games just for the trophies.

IzKyD13313736d ago

thats our number one concern, knowing when someone else recieved a trophy.....has anyone actually gotten a trophy yet? because theres only like 3 games that currently support the feature (im not bashing the trophy system, im just saying we need way more games that actually have trophies)

INehalemEXI3736d ago

Ive got multiple trophys SSD 15% complete so far.

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The story is too old to be commented.