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"With only a few days before Christmas, it looks like there's a storm coming! The Xbox exclusive racer Forza Horizon 2 is getting its first expansion in the form of Storm Island. This $20 add-on features brand new terrain, vehicles, events, and Championships that'll push your car control skills to the max.

At the heart of any good expansion is a new-ish way to play. A revised set or parameters that establishes the tone for what needs to be accomplished. But because Horizon 2 is a racing game, the proverbial wheel can only be reinvented so much. In an effort to change the complexion of the action without going too far off in left field, Storm Island's draw is the harsh weather conditions that pervade an overwhelming majority of the races and events. Sheets of rain, clacks of thunder, hazardously dense fog, swirling winds, and the veil of enveloping darkness. Any or all could apply at the start of a given event, which sets a jarringly awesome visual tone to the gameplay. To this, though, I will offer two caveats."

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