Hatred is indicative of a bigger problem with Steam Greenlight

MWEB GameZone writes: "No where in either statement does it say why, exactly, the [Hatred] was pulled in the first place.The first bit of interaction simply says the game was pulled because it's not the kind of game that Steam would publish and 'as such we’ll be taking it down'.

"And that's a problem."

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HanCilliers1452d ago

If this has shown me one thing, it's that I am on the fence and that the lines are blurry for me.

lord zaid1452d ago

This is one of those topics where 'fence sitting' is a completely acceptable position. It's really difficult to weigh the freedom of speech right here against what the content of the speech.

Its a tough one.

JsonHenry1452d ago

Freedom of speech should always win- without a second thought!

Never forget the minute you start limiting ANYONE'S speech, no matter how stupid or offensive to you it may be, it will be YOU and YOUR IDEAS that are up next on the chopping block because you set the precedent that being offended or upset is all it takes to silence another person.

joab7771452d ago

Strange it comes at the same time as movie theatres refuse to play a movie and Sony shuts it down.

2 very difficult situations. But for me, again, it comes down to sticking to our ideals. Allow the game and the movie. If the reasons we are not allowing either are b/c of the consequences then we much deal with those, whether by parenting or by protecting.

But as we become further and further removed from the millions who have died for our freedom and rights, and as current atrocities become merely blips on an Internet site, we must remain strong. A day will come when we have to defend them again, and we must know and believe in what we are fighting for. So, at the very least, our children and grandchildren Wil know.

Nothing is lost overnight. It happens slowly for a myriad of teasons, until one day you wake up and everything has changed. Even worse, we don't even recognize until it's too late to do anything about it.

Sillicur1452d ago

I for one am looking forward to Hatred!

sugawalls1452d ago Show
FriedGoat1452d ago

:/ this has to be some SJW shill right, trying to make gamers look bad?

because that idea is just plain stupid.

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001452d ago

someone at valve overstepped their boundaries.

CongoKyle1452d ago

Gaben will give him/her a timeout... in Hawaii

GokuSolosAll1452d ago

@Lord zaid: It's not tough at all. To have free speech we must defend the worst of it.

lord zaid1452d ago

I agree with you. Free speech isn't free speech if you cut out the stuff you disagree with.

But that does mean the decision to allow it is somehow not tough. Knowing the right path is easy. Taking it can be hard.

Fez1452d ago

You know there are lots of types of speech banned in different countries to different degrees. Are you actively petitioning to change this in your country, are you apathetic to what you see as a problem, or do you think that it is unfortunately necessary to ban some forms of speech, some of the time?

Gh05t1452d ago

In the USA most of the speech that is banned has to be directly tied to the possibility of causing harm or damage, which would be restricting someone else freedoms/liberty. i.e. you cant slander, yell fire in a crowded room, threaten to harm or ask others to harm others for you... things of that nature. The only speech that I am aware of that is "banned" yet rarely enforced is using profane language at or towards children. That is less about free speech as no one is saying you don't have the right to discuss the problem just choose different vocabulary to do it. Even then I am sure if you made the case you are too stupid and didn't know how to express your point any other way, you might be able to get off of charges.

This is not to say that the US has never derailed in its upholding of the freedom of speech, but the ideology is pretty clear. Free to speak your mind as long as you are not interfering with others freedoms or liberties.

HanCilliers1452d ago

@sugawalls that is disgusting

sugawalls1452d ago

Is it? Im glad because its gonna happen.

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