MWEB GameZone Review | Destiny's The Dark Below - Flawed but fun

MWEB GameZone writes: "Whether you are a long time Destiny fan or a newcomer to the role of guardian, The Dark Below offers you both a ton of new content that is a lot of fun and packed with great loot.

The difficulty comes in deciding to accept such a high price and at the end of the day that is up to you."

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HanCilliers1302d ago (Edited 1302d ago )

Way to expensive. I predict that instead of pulling more players, it's going to make more leave Destiny

Sillicur1302d ago

Agreed, for only 1 raid and 2 more levels in endgame content :(

OmegaShen1302d ago

No, it has only made people come to it. Might want to look at Bungie's report of number of players.

All just because of a new raid.

CongoKyle1302d ago

I was so excited for this game. Guess I was struck with the hype train. Not interested anymore and this isn't really changing my opinion.

Snookies121302d ago (Edited 1302d ago )

It's still pretty fun, but they've just ruined it with lack of content, and having an 'expansion' that costs 1/3 the price of the full game for a few extra missions and a raid. The game could have been so much more, it's sad to see how they're squandering it away.

HanCilliers1302d ago

So the first DLC mirrors what Destiny players have been complaining about since the start...