Joel And Ellie Nearly Escorted A Dog Through The Last Of Us

The latest video from Did You Know Gaming looks at The Last of Us and its development.

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Relientk771427d ago

The Last of Us: Ghosts?

I love dogs, but wouldn't have been the biggest fan if the dog died or got infected lol

Ripsta7th1427d ago

I am legend anyone? Lol

Talgrath1427d ago

You know that dog was going to die if it was in the game, for sure; probably saving Ellie. I could see there being a section with a dog in the game, sort of like when they met up with the two teenagers in Pittsburgh.

Balsanoid1427d ago (Edited 1427d ago )

Great video! It's interesting the bit about focus testing women. My wife doesn't game a lot, but she absolutely loves this game. She's beat it at least 4 times. She also loves the Uncharted trilogy and the Tomb Raider reboot. It's the strong movie-like narrative with less over the top-macho protagonists that appeal to her. (She can't stand games like Halo or Gears of War with 2 dimensional brutes. *Not hating. I like Halo and Gears personally.)

scark921427d ago

Heavy Rain seems ideal for her! :D

Balsanoid1427d ago

Yea, she was intrigued by the Beyond Two Souls demo too. Just waiting to see if they actually do the HD remaster for Ps4. :)

Paytaa1427d ago

I wonder if it was a "high poly count scanned German Shepherd" that was a character you care about.

waltyftm1427d ago

Kratos nearly had a dog, now Joel and Ellie, who's next Nathan Drake.

ziggurcat1427d ago

they replaced it with state-of-the-art fish AI, no doubt...

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