Charming PS4 Exclusive The Tomorrow Children Gets Gameplay Trailer; 38,000 Monsters Killed in Alpha

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia released a brand new gameplay trailer of the upcoming PS4 exclusive by Q-Games The Tomorrow Children.

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Abash1454d ago

Can't wait to play it, looks really innovative

Relientk771454d ago

I love the uniqueness and originality of this game

LightDiego1454d ago

Beautiful, i watched the beta in a stream, looks awesome.

SuperbVillain1454d ago

finally, some creativity from a game

telekineticmantis1454d ago

I wonder, it what form this will release, disc, download, free to play? How creative can the towns get? I'd definitely get this game.

ashen1221454d ago

digital I think.

i'll buy it even if its just to support the uniqueness

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The story is too old to be commented.