GTA V story-driven DLC now in development alongside online heists

While many gamers are currently waiting for the launch of online co-op heist missions to finally release in Grand Theft Auto V, another group of fans are more patiently hoping for news regarding the first single-player DLC for GTA V. Work on a new story-based add-on for the main campaign of GTA V is currently underway.

Speaking about his performance, Shawn Fonteno has confirmed that he is now busy reprising his role of GTA V‘s Franklin to record additional lines for an upcoming DLC release for the open-world crime title.

Launching over a year ago on last-gen consoles, Grand Theft Auto V fans have not seen any additional story content for the game’s single-player campaign in that time. Rockstar Games has instead focused on pumping out free content updates for the online multiplayer mode of GTA V as well releasing a seemingly endless line of GTA Online patches in an effort to hope for constant improvement of the game’s stability.

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EvilWay1425d ago

Heists should have been in at this point..... It is just ridiculous. I think it was a advertising scheme and are never actually going to come hoping people will just forget about them