The 10 Worst Movie-Related Video Games in History

Wired: "Ever since they first fooled around in the Atari era, movies and videogames have had a troubled relationship.

Movies based on games -- like Super Mario Bros. and Postal-- deliver pure cinematic dreck, yet somehow games based on movies up the crap ante. Slapped together on tight development schedules by B-list teams, movie tie-in games rarely crawl out of the hole of mediocrity. Quite frankly, they dream of being mediocre.

Adding insult to injury, they sell enormously well. The NPD Group reported in June that the PlayStation 2 Iron Man game was May's seventh best-selling U.S. game.

Here's our list of the 10 worst movie-to-game translations in history, with input from a reader poll. If it seems heavy on retro games, just remember that things used to be a lot worse."

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chasuk083730d ago

Whenever bad movie games and top ten lists are in the same sentence we all know who gets the top spot !