Top 10 Fixes for MGSV: Ground Zeroes PC Crash, Error, Resolution, Black Screen, FPS, Camera, Control

The PC version of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes faces some crashes, errors, and bugs that can be addressed very easily. Here are the top fixes you need.

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UKmilitia1453d ago

i downloaded this(pirated it) because of all the crap it had been given about being a glorified demo etc and its wrong to pay for it.

well it had only gone as low as £9 on ps4 and i still was unsure if worth it.

i have played it maxed out on pc and while it looks nice,plays nice and is good.

Im discusted the fact they thought they could charge for it in 1st place.
If this was free DAY ONE,the amount of good interest in PPain would of been immense,but its tarnished now with this being charged demo and its prob lost a bit of audience.

Wizard_King1453d ago

It is amazing how fast you can finish it and there really isn't that mush else to do in it to justify any price.

Grave1453d ago

It's only not worth it if you plan to play the first mission, complete it and put your controller down. If you plan on buying and playing MGS V TPP it's worth every penny and hours upon hours of gameplay. You'll start the game with special items and all POWs and soldiers you capture will be at your Mother Base when you start the game. Plus you''ll be familiar with the mechanics and controls, and you get a special level in TPP. So ya, if you plan on playing TPP this is worth it.

loganbdh1453d ago

It's wrong to pay for it ..... wtf is wrong with your morality? People like you Are the reason why AAA developers pull there games from pc. I don't know if I'm more disgusted for you downloading the game illegally or more disgusted that you think your opinion is valid.

UKmilitia1452d ago

The amount of games i buy is crazy, i support every dev that offers me value and i am from an era where devs gave you value,not milked DLC etc and with the likes of this its DLC before the game is even out.

it should of been free or max £5 at launch.

im impressed with the feel and i will be buying PP SO IM SUPPORTING THE DEV,but i wont support overpriced DLC or DEMOS.

hiredhelp1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

Ok first off we all knew what ground zero was and konima told us that phantom pain was to be huge ok.
Now thats your call if you wish to download it i had it on PS4 but i game more atm on PC so i wanted to see the differnce so i bought it again its a great port rock solid fluid gameplay it was optimised well,Even thoe it was Nvidia backed my AMD7970 kept game running at virtually 60fps with no overclocks everything maxed out all graphic settings max turned off vsync open Fraps.
I for one glad i got this game again you may think its a gloryfied demo maybe it is but there soo many ways you can play it i sunk 2hrs into it plus just by trying to do everything inc going silent taken everyone out blowing up vieachles I didnt get to finish it.
But knowing i can go back to it think right ok now im gonna try this instead makes game replayable for me was worth the money and i am ready for phantom pain. MGS finally come back home to PC just like first one hit playstation and PC.
We all get a pieace of the action im happy with that....

Grave1453d ago

Still can't invert Y, boo.

boing11453d ago

What? There is an invert in PS4 version.

Grave1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

This article is for PC yo.

boing11453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

I know that. I simply don't understand why would they drop such basic setting on PC?