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Diablo 3 will come out for Xbox 360 and PS3

The Rumour: Blizzard's recently announced Diablo 3 will inevitably come out for the 'next gen' consoles.

Verdict: First we heard that it definitely wasn't coming out on console. But now the situation seems slightly different. In an interview with the Guardian Blizzard COO Paul Sams said he didn't know whether the game would be coming to the consoles, saying the decision would primarily be down to the game's controls. We here at reckon this one's a no brainer - as a hack and slash action game Diablo 3 would be much easier to make work with a console pad than, say, Starcraft 2 or World of Warcraft. And the financial lure of millions of guaranteed sales will prove hard to resist, especially among Activision's top brass. Question now is, will there be cross platform play?

Plausibility rating: 4/5

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B-Chill3670d ago

I will be purcasing Diablo3 on the PC, but i do feel that it could be transitioned into consoles very easily.