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MONG writer Matt Batson writes "Wow. A plethora of new information regarding Square Enix’s upcoming RPG Final Fantasy XV has been revealed at Jump Festa in Tokyo. So let’s cut the crap and get right into those juicy details."

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smashman981427d ago

@the author

the new female character's name is in fact not "cindy" but "cidney" aka the first female cid :)

Godmars2901427d ago

Which really shouldn't make a difference.

Not in light of the fact that she's not a playable character. Just a further distinguished NPC.

averagejoe261427d ago

I may be misunderstanding your comment, but there have been other FF's where Cid is an NPC. So I'd say it does matter.

Godmars2901426d ago

From what's been done in the past, potentially reducing the character to a fan service cameo is a step down. As much as it was in FF13.

MoneyMeng1427d ago

the only reason to go next gen. Other than that, next gen will be forgetful just like previous gen. That is unless you like COD and nothing but shooters and recycled sports games.

averagejoe261427d ago

Or Bloodborne. Or The Order 1886. Or Uncharted 4. Or Kingdom Hearts 3 (there are plenty more).

NoctisPendragon1426d ago

So if you didnt have a PS4, you would buy one for these games?

MoneyMeng1425d ago

uncharted 4 looks like more of the same from last gen. And i always played it for the multiplayer not singleplayer. bloodborne will be fun at first but forgetable like demon souls and dark souls. those games have poor stories. the order is just another shooter like uncharted even if it is good. Honestly i'd rather have a wiiU then a ps4 or xbone, atleast that system get awhole lot more ariety of games and not just fps or indie games.

Eiyuuou1426d ago

Or Last of U. Or Type O. Or Deep Down. (There are indeed plenty more)