Nidzumi: Battlefield: Bad Company Online Impressions

Nidzumi writes: Unfortunately, for those of you who played the Bad Company demo to death the majority of what I'm about to tell you wont come as much of a surprise. The first thing you will notice from the demo, upon starting up a multiplayer match, is the ever so familiar gold crate and status bars – yes, sadly, there is only one multiplayer mode. And despite my slight disappointment at the lack of death-match and team death-match modes, the 8 maps make up for this quite nicely....

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Gerard Way3731d ago


Today is the first day I have come into work LATE b/c of a video game. While alot of my friends bragged about COD4 and how high they were ranking, I just wasnt into it as much and spent more time on Halo3 and other games. I just felt there was so much more that could have been done with COD4. When I ranked up in multiplayer, I got some cool scopes. Wow, red dots....*sigh*. BUT I got what I wanted in Bad Company.

I'm sure more Maps and Multi-Player Modes can be added later. But I'm not even worried about it, i like objective play. And since your kills still count towards your final score, its still some what of a death-match/slayer mode. If you dont already have it, I suggest getting it---you wont be dissapointed.