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kingvendrick1452d ago

2015 is gonna be awesome on PS4. Really looking forward to No Mans Sky and Bloodborne and Uncharted should be stellar.

Can't wait.

bashy1452d ago

think i may need to get a 2nd job :( so many little money, can you still sell body organs?!

guyman1452d ago

Who the hell in the IGN thinks that Final Fantasy XV and street fighter 5 is coming next year?

die_fiend1452d ago

SFV could be out by next year couldn't it? Companies don't typically announce over a year ahead of release.

FFXV though is more likely for early 2016. It is looking pretty good though, the combat is looking great, the graphics are already pretty outstanding, there are towns in place. It doesn't look like there is tons left to do, but obviously it'll be a big game.

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