Adding Storage to your PS4, Xbox1 or Wii U

For those who aren't familiar with the abilities to add storage to this generation's consoles, here is an article describing how to increase each console's storage.

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johny51089d ago

Does the PS4 support external storage yet?

OmegaShen1089d ago

Yes it does, just not for games/apps themselves. Because we already seen what happens when you do that.

But it isn't needed, when you can just upgrade the hard drive. Less power being taken by the system and your system doesn't look like a mess.

Kingdomcome2471089d ago

I guess someone thinks that it does. I'm consistently surprised by people on here. OT: Additional storage is an absolute must for both the PS4 and the Xbox One (not sure about the Wii U install sizes), unless you want to ride the install/uninstall carousel.

MeliMel1089d ago

@OmegaShen, you said yes just to get your trolling across. PS4 does not support external storage support. Yes you can hook one up to back up your PS4 stuff if you want go upgrade internal but thats it. You cant run anything off em. Using Power from console? What you never heard of a powered USB hard drive? I have a 3tb powered and looks real nice next to my Xbox One. Seems everything runs better off it to, just my observation.

That being said when and if PS4 does add external storage support it will one up XB1, because you can upgrade internal and have usb without having to worry about warranty.

OmegaShen1089d ago


You must not own a PS4, never said it used anything outside a usb flash drive. But you can use a usb flash drive as storage for saves and share videos/screen shots.

You can even use MP3 players/usb flash drive to play music through the system.

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Mr_Writer851089d ago

The fact that Sony allows you to upgrade the HDD is one of its pluses over the other two.

I have done it 4 times when I had my PS3's. I upgraded my original 60GB PS3 to 150GB, however with it being a "fat" PS3 the screw that held the HDD was a nightmare to undo.

I then upgraded it to 250GB, as I had already done the screw it was a lot easier to do.

I bought a 250GB slim and upgraded it to 500GB then 1TB. The slim was a lot easier to do than the fat.

And I have upgraded my PS4 from 500GB to 1TB, the PS4 was by far the easiest of the PS's to do.

It's really easy to do I would recommend it to everyone.

sloth33951089d ago

the other 2 can use an external HDD do you can upgrade that way and easier to do

Mr_Writer851089d ago

But External means another box, and wires.

No thanks. Internal is much better.

optimus1089d ago (Edited 1089d ago )

I agree, external is more convenient. Nowadays, external drives have become as small and slim as an empty wallet so they don't really take up that much space next to your system. Not to mention you can easily unplug and put in your pocket to play at a friend's house or something. Instead of dragging your whole gaming system with you.

Also, once you get to 10g of space in an internal drive you have to start thinking of buying, installing, and transferring your games. Whereas with external, just plug in the extra drive and you're good to go.

IrishSt0ner1089d ago

Let not forget the maximum 3 Gbit/s transfer rate with these internal SATA2 harddrives, as opposed to the USB3.0 5Gbit/s transfer rate available to an external drive.

Higher performance is more important than aesthetics, to me anyway.

Immorals1089d ago

I'd much much much prefer the ability to switch out harddrives in seconds, gonna be important with these huge installs!

dazzrazz1089d ago

To bad your external 3.0 5Gbit platter disc wont even reach any of that transfer ever so there goes your imaginary performance over SATA2

kwandar1089d ago

I don't know about the other consoles, but the Wii U wouldn't make use of the USB 2.0 speeds.

I have a "LOT" of games on my 2 terrabyte USB 2.0 and haven't noticed it being slow, either.

IrishSt0ner1088d ago (Edited 1088d ago )

@dazzrazz - To bad you've no clue what you're talking about.

A 7200RPM USB3 external HDD 'platter disk' would even have better performance to the internal SATAII 5400RPM HDDs.

Move onto SSDs and the difference can be massive.

How hard is it to understand that, using capable hardware, more throughput availability results in more throughput?

Please spend a few minutes looking into it and PM to tell me more about this 'imaginary performance', I'd love to look through your benchmarks.

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OB1Biker1089d ago

I ll upgrade mine with a 2TB at some point but no rush...
I dont think anyone would need more unless going full digital

Rimeskeem1089d ago

How do you save your User so that oyu can put it on the new HDD.

Sniperwithacause1089d ago (Edited 1089d ago )

Your user is saved on sony's servers.

optimus1089d ago

...which are located in N. Korea now. :p

Death1089d ago

That was actually pretty funny.

Braveheart_NZ1089d ago (Edited 1089d ago )

I have two PS4's in the house and two Xbox One's and one Wii U. The Wi U has an external 1TB plugged into it, that we install our games to.

For one of my PS4's I bought a 2TB external 2.5", opened it up and installed it into my PS4 and it works a charm. I have masses of space now on that PS4. It has worked flawlessly since installed. It should be good for space for years and years.

The other PS4 has a 1TB Solid State Hybrid Drive that I installed and that is quicker for access to games installed on the HDD. It has been flawless as well. I hope that they bring out a 2TB 2.5" version.

With one of my Xbox One's I have an external 4TB configured to work with it so I am set for space on the Xbox one to, the other was the 1TB call of Duty collectors edition console. I haven't added an external to that one yet. The 1TB of space should be good for awhile.

Kingdomcome2471089d ago

Nice. :) Some good gaming to be had right there.

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